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04/03/12: Trust or Not? | Six of Cups



“To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” Mahatma Gandhi

Today’s Tarot is the Six of Cups (Sun in Scorpio)—here, the cups of abundance are show surrounding a Tibetan yantra to symbolize purification and blessing. This pleasure is simple, deep and uncomplicated. We often see this card in relation to nostalgia and trust.

Trust is always a choice, just as not trusting is a choice. Gratitude is a choice, as well as anxiety. There may be argument for one or the other, lending credence. But ultimately, it’s always up to each individual to determine.

You can rejoice in all the love and goodwill you’ve got going in your life. Or you can assume the there’s a sea monster underneath the waves, ready to take advantage of you one way or another.

Personally, I’m seeking the simple trust option. I’ll deal with any monsters as they attack, but not before. It’s true, being super-vigilant may keep you from getting a smack here or there, but really, how much grief are you skipping if you think and therefore life like you’re under attack anyway?

Are you a trusting person? Does your approach work well for you?

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Rosetta Tarot, Six of Cups

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  1. i try to be a trusting person. i’ve gotten smacked around enough that it becomes increasingly harder, though. so i put real effort into it.
    but once i do get smacked, i’m sad to say i don’t turn the other cheek and trust as if nothing ever transpired.
    i guess i just don’t know why i’d do that, if i could use the energy i save from avoiding the attack to make something somewhere better.
    i’ve got pluto in libra opposite my jupiter on the ascendant in pisces.
    i’m actually better at taking big blind leaps of faith than trusting in relationships, even in small increments.
    trying to change this, thanks for the reminder, Dixie! have a beautiful day :-))

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