March 24

03/24/12: Pulling back to see | 7 Swords, 2 Wands


“Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass.” Owen Feltham


Today’s Tarot is the the Seven of Swords/Clouds (Moon in Aquarius), Politics, and the Two of Wands/Fire (Mars in Aries), Possibilities, from the impish Osho Zen. Yeah, people hide, for lots of reasons—often, they are uncomfortable with themselves. But you can see what you need to, if you find enough perspective.

CollageThe Moon in Aquarius connection for the Seven of Swords tells us about the nature of this card.  Yes, emotionally (moon) detached (Aquarius), but I kind of think of it as being separated from the heart, you know? Not real, not authentic. Perhaps the stance is adopted for political reasons, for greater acceptance or gain. But how much is the gain worth when it’s not based on truth?

Taking a more universal view, it’s much harder to be fooled (or fool, for that matter). Words, deeds, essentially energy flow appears in a bigger context. And the little things? They don’t matter much that way. The push and pushback are seen in a larger landscape. Minor conflicts become less important.

It’s like a collage photo, where a picture is made up of many tiny photographs. You can only see the larger whole by  pulling back…same idea here.

How does pulling back impact what you see?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
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Osho Zen, Seven of Swords, Two of Wands

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