December 18

Seven of Swords Reversed: Revealed Agendas


You know that moment when you just know someone’s trying to play you? You can feel yourself being “guided” or otherwise worked and you don’t like it?

Maybe there aren’t even any bad intentions. Much of the time, there isn’t. But whether or not the intentions are good, the upshot is that it’s always an act of disrespect.

I had a little taste of this recently and can say from my own experience, at least–once a manipulative subtext is exposed, interactions feel tainted from then on.

Next week, I’d avoid any hidden agendas like the plague because, guess what? They won’t stay hidden.

Next Week in Tarot

Seven of Swords Reversed

Outlook is the Seven of Swords reversed. Advice is the Sun. Cards from one of my favorite decks (obviously): the mini Radiant Rider Waite in a tin.

The reversed Seven of Swords is bad news for folks who wish to mask intentions or fly by any plans under the radar. Expect deception, regardless of the what has prompted it, to out itself next week.

Now, that doesn’t mean everybody will notice everything. Not realistic. That means facts are visible for review, provided one is looking. Are you?

As far as advice goes, it’s simple. BE simple. Be pure. Be real. Take a direct, uncomplicated approach. Don’t layer in  attempts at manipulation, as such chicanery will out itself in short order anyway. Instead, be direct and forthright. Just be.

And while you’re at it, be as happy as you can be in whatever you’re doing. That’s always good advice, but the Sun puts an underline on it. Do the best you can with what you’ve got to work with.

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Radiant Rider Waite, Seven of Swords, The Sun

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