July 23

Seven of Pents Rx: Not the New Normal


It’s not the new normal, as it is now. Even if it feels like it.

I tell myself this as I slowly, gradually make a little progress on my health issues. I’m tired of it all! But I’m working on it. If you’re one that believes your outer reality matches your inner reality, that means you might want to make some adjustments, too.

That’s me. And the cards this week, have advice on that very topic.

Next Week in the Cards

Next week for Outlook, we’ve got the Seven of Pentacles reversed, clarified by the Eight of Cups upright, with advice coming from the Nine of Cups. Deck is Legacy of the Divine, well-loved.

Oh, look! We’ve got 7, 8 and 9. Two are Cups. We’re getting closer to the end of an emotional cycle.

Listen to the full audio version of this forecast or follow along with the transcript, below.

So in short, don’t expect what you get next week to be the new normal. It’s not. It’s not the fruits of your labors coming home to roost. It’s not anything to expect long term.

Instead, be aware that part of your job at this point is to leave old emotional baggage behind and let go of the stuff that’s still there, but you can’t really change or fix. Walk away from that.

The way you do it or the advice is Nine of Cups. You look for what satisfies you. You look for what you’re pleased with. You look for what feeds you instead of what’s wrong.

I realize that this is fairly simple basic law of attraction advice, but it’s no joke. What you focus on and your thoughts impact your feelings tremendously. They lead you one way or another. This coming week, as far as where you want to go to integrate and to mix all this stuff together to decide, “Okay, what’s next? How do I feel about it? What do I want to do? ”

It’s best set up or build from what pleases you as opposed to what doesn’t. Just be aware that if you’re wound up and possibly angry or feeling stuck or whatever, that’s not the vibe that you want to go into plans with.

If you’ve worked with me before, you’re one of my people, you know I’m really big on having the right emotional tone or state before you take action because that really flavors your action quite a bit and it changes the messages that you get.

So if you feel the need to be sad about something, be sad about it first. But when you are ready to move, when you are ready to act, make sure you have the right emotional tone because that carries over and that gives your energy a whole lot more punch in terms of speed and intensity and where you want to go.

So that’s what I got for you this week in a nutshell. I hope it’s helpful and I hope your week clears up a lot of questions for you and helps you get into a space where you are indeed able to focus on what pleases you because that leads to more of it. Okay?

Peace out. Much love.

Bye bye.

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Eight of Cups, Legacy of the Divine, Nine of Cups, Seven of Pentacles

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