December 24

12/24/11: Confused Desire | Rev Page Wands, Rev King Wands, 7 Cups


It took a Virgo moon to point out to me how over-the-top my reaction was. I was going through a painful transition, and had become a massive bundle of unfiltered emotion. Once I realized I’d wandered off the charts, I could also see where it came from. It was a very old, deep well being hit. Understanding where it came from gave me the clarity to process the feelings and shake off some of the fog. I then knew what to do. It gave me my power back.

We’ve all got sore spots. Challenges, or “growth opportunities,” as the hopelessly optimistic like to say. It’s easy enough to forget they’re around, until one meets with a little friction and gets sparked. The emotions kick in, God only knows what’s gonna come out of our mouths and sometimes, we’re left wondering, “What the Hell just happened?!”


Today’s Tarot is the reversed Page of Wands (Earth in Air), reversed King of Wands (Fire in Air) and Seven of Cups (Venus in Scorpio). If you just can’t seem to get anything started and you can’t seem to manage what you’ve got going, review the choices you’re making, what you’re chasing after. Make sure you’ve got clarity surrounding what you’re after and why.

Your deepest (Scorpio)  desires (Venus) are at play, and may be the source of confusion. If what you really seek is buried, painful to think about, you could end up chasing all the wrong dreams trying to fulfill that drive. It becomes a hunger that cannot be erased—only quieted for a minute. Because you’re not actually chasing what you need, the solutions fail to satisfy. Lacking direction and control can be a direct function of buried desires. Areas you’re intensely emotional over are good candidates for further examination. Freeing this up gives you the drive, clarity and direction to keep on going.

Can you think of a time you were confused by desires?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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King of Wands, Page of Wands, Radiant Rider Waite, Seven of Cups

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  1. Tomorrow is my 40th birthday. I’m so glad you made this post. I think it will help to me continue to fight today’s major case of the blues.
    I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Holiday Season Dixie!

  2. Ha!

    I have all these job opportunities within my organization and I want to relocate to find greater joy. But! My company I feel oppresses me creatively with every expression: who I am and how I express myself, how I learn, and what makes me feel good. Been wondering why I am having so many obstacles to understand where my next move is. It’s like a damn near power struggle and I understand this card can also represent a person. Yeah, like my boss? His leadership is challenging, he’s very changeable, he’s oppressive.
    I’m disappointed that I have these feelings because I would like to keep to one company, not for others but for myself. I’ve jumped around in my industry doing the same work but this organization was supposed to be my home/dixiblog/domains/ and for a while it was.

    Then to connect it more to this card. I’ve had my eye on another organization that could cater to my creative self and empower me (especially financially). I applied twice to no avail to share with a friend that I’m interested in them, for them to connect me with a person on their hiring staff. The woman told my friend to basically be prepared to share something specific on why I want to work for them. It made me laugh because she suggested I researched, I already had extensively and it is the reason I most excited to work for them…which I failed to mention descriptively the two times I applied

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