June 28

Self-Directed: Weekly Tarot Forecast, June 29 – July 5


Lately, I’m making a specific effort to ask more often for what I want or need. That sounds kind of elementary, but as many of y’all know, it’s not the easiest thing to do for some of us. It doesn’t always go smoothly, but you know, I’m proud of myself for doing it anyway.

Once again, I see a lot of “me” in the weekly forecast.

Seeing a lot of emphasis on being self-directed here. Looking over the week as a whole, there’s plenty of shifting–sometimes uncomfortable shifting. Like a building settling, you know? We start with lots of passion and feelings, Wands and Cups, a few Majors thrown into the mix to let me know the changes are significant and far reaching. And we end up the week with Pentacles–practical, physical and tangible experiences of the newer reality.

Monday, Friendship – Suppression/Ten of Wands: Friends may be well-meaning but off the mark as far as what you really need; potential also for emotional dumping or folks in general expecting too much of friends and not adequately registering just how much is being asked. It’s an individual responsibility, first and foremost, to set one’s own boundaries and acknowledge what is or is not a heavy burden. Not saying to isolate or avoid helping out a friend in need. Just don’t sign on for more than you can comfortably carry, and don’t let yourself be overly weighed down by the needs, opinions or actions of friends.

Tuesday, Future – Going With the Flow/Ace of Cups reversed: This looks like a case of the “feels.” May hit some harder who did not manage Monday well–emotionally drained, tired or just feeling out of sorts is possible. Know you’re likely to be a bit off, out of emotional sync, and care for yourself accordingly. It doesn’t need to be a big deal.  It just may feel like a bigger deal than it ultimately is, you dig?

Wednesday, Mind – Inner Voice/High Priestess: Shut up the inner chatter and get quiet to get guidance. It’s always there for you, but today? Especially plugged in. Take advantage!

Thursday, Spirit – Change/Wheel of Fortune: Any rug suddenly pulled from under your feet is in reality indication of a personal evolutionary cycle. Change and shift are written all over this week. Please don’t slap me for saying so, but growth opportunities abound. Roll with it and you’ll reap the rewards.

Friday, Friends and Family – Letting Go/Eight of Cups: You may not leave your family and friends behind, but you may be well served to leave the drive to please them behind. Or the drive to solve their problems. Or plugging into their drama. Whatever emotional attachment it is, there’s a possibility to detach and step back here, for your own sanity and peace. Letting go of attachment is not the same as letting go of love. Sometimes, it’s the most loving way to be. Only you can tell for sure.

Saturday, Positive Influences – Ordinariness/Eight of Pentacles: Much comfort is to be hand in routine, the familiar and everyday activities like cleaning or simple chores. Physical tasks are favored, and exercise, like a walk outside especially, is also very soothing.

Sunday, You – Patience/Seven of Pentacles: All progress counts! Try to be aware of where you’re at now in terms of cycles and long-term growth. There’s a good chance the week has been demanding, so today is a good day to take stock.

Overview/Advice, Situation – The Outsider/Five of Pentacles: Sometimes when you change yourself, look to grow, you start feeling out of step with people in your life. This is natural, but can feel sad, too. It’s okay to feel however you feel. Just be aware, this is one way growing pains manifest. Finding your tribe is not always easy, either. And sometimes, that sensation of not fitting in is more internal than anything else. This, too, shall pass.

Affirmation: I will reach for the best-feeling thought I have access to. I call this the “one-step-up” technique and I use it all the time. Whatever situation is bothering me, I look for a way to reframe it, a perspective that still feels valid but is just a little more optimistic. When I can feel that, I reach a little more. Depending on the issue, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to reach a much more comfortable level.

Are you feeling this?

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