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02/21/13: Seeing into the Silence / The Star



Silence is a unique interpretation of The Star. Appropriate for the card’s Aquarius association, this imagery suggests detaching from our day-to-day to tap into a more universal awareness. By becoming quiet, by detaching from ordinary thoughts and daily concerns, you can experience a connection to the singular thread that runs through all.

I’m far from an accomplished meditator, I’ll be the first to admit! But I’ve discovered these little pockets of awareness crop up when meditating of the sort I do. There are just these blips, where words are all gone, and distinctions are all gone, and worries are all gone. Everything melts away. It’s as if, just for that little bit, I feel the entire universe as a living, breathing entity and myself as a particle within that breath. In my mind, it’s a personal experience of what God is, Universal oneness.

I also believe this is the same universal data stream one taps into when doing (good) readings. The invisible network that connects us all is like the psychic data line. That’s why distance doesn’t matter. We’re all subscribed to the same stream.

It’s interesting that a woman is pictured on this card, with the moon shining from her 3rd eye. It’s a very Yin interpretation, reminding me of the High Priestess. This isn’t a “go out and get it” vibe. It’s an “open yourself up” vibe. What shows up may well be a lot different than what you would have created on your own. But this is a broader, bigger perspective than you would have come up with on your own, too.

The Star is always an optimistic card, and always forward looking, to a longer-range, bigger picture. Right now, it’s telling me those day-to-day tussles, the stressors and worries that demand so much of my energy do NOT truly matter. It tells me everything IS already as it should be. It tells me not to fight the flow, but to remain open-minded and flexible in order to stay in the flow. Today’s tragedy may be tomorrow’s blessing.

To access this energy, let go! Meditate, play, sleep, work on your favorite hobby—just do whatever it is you do to get yourself away from the tyranny of your thoughts. What you need is accessible, but you cannot grasp for it. Instead, get quiet and open your mind. The future is waiting in the silence.

What do you see in the silence?

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  1. This depiction of the Star brings something up about the other versions I’ve seen that I’ve never really noticed before. It is a quiet/silent-like card, isn’t it?

    And, this, “Tyranny of your thoughts”..I really like that. Ironically, it will probably be oodling around in my brain until Neptune washes it away, that is.

  2. “Today’s tragedy may be tomorrow’s blessing.”

    LOVE THAT!!!!!


    “What you need is accessible, but you cannot grasp for it. ”

    That reminds me of this quote:

    Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.

    Henry David Thoreau

  3. I obviously need to meditate because I don’t care if there’s silence after smacking people! Due to all the Pisces stuff going on I’ve been pretty calm lately but today not so much. Then again it could be I’ve just run out of patience with those who’ve been trying it of late.

    B R E A T H E

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