October 19

Seeing in the Dark: Weekly Flow Tarot, Oct. 20 – 16


Weekly Flow Tarot Oct 20-26

We have an insane number of court cards this week, with 2 Kings, 2 Pages and a Knight showing up in the mix. Three Major arcana round it out, so I’m expecting it to be a hard-hitting week for “people” issues, relationships and communication. You’ll need to stay sharp to decode all these undercurrents because they look massive!

Monday, What is Hidden – King of Swords: This suggests surface superficiality belies the amount of calculation behind the scenes. Not good or bad, really. But don’t think casual about any communication–think calculated, measured and intentional. “Offhand” remarks are probably not. The person making everything look “easy” is actually executing a very detailed and specifically crafted plan. Very little sentimentality floating around.

Tuesday, Situation – Page of Pentacles: There is a message to be delivered, which is not always easy during Mercury Retro. Look to ACTIONS over words, as truth lies within behavior.

Wednesday, Friends and Family – King of Pentacles: Family (or family of friends) support is readily available. Let loved ones feed you, physically or metaphorically.

Thursday, Romance – Knight of Pentacles: Romance is here, there, everywhere today. It feels a little wound up and there is a potential for obsessive thinking, although it’s avoidable if you channel your energy. Emphasis on physical connection and activity. If you’ve got a sweetie and you can, go out! If not, enjoy and pamper yourself sensually.

Friday, Mind – Death: This is an awareness of what will never be the same, along with a mental accounting of how such changes actually impact you. It doesn’t have to be depressing. Knowing what is gone can be incredibly liberating as much as bittersweet or sad.

Saturday, Outcome – Temperance: Integration comes after yesterday’s accounting. Letting go of the old situations and embracing your new reality, you can let those experiences become part of who you are without grasping onto zombies.

Sunday, Future Life – High Priestess: Lighter by the end of the week, intuition is sharp! Listen to that radar, folks. It never steers you wrong. We don’t know where we’re going here, but we have an inkling. There’s a slight breeze, almost. If you feel it, follow it.

Overview/AdvicePage of Swords: Be on the ready with clear, direct communication throughout the week, and clarify important points to make sure they are understood. We’re winding down this ugly Mercury Retrograde soon, so it won’t be much longer. This week seems especially chock full of messages in the form of other people’s behavior, although some may require decoding. You’re up to the task.

Affirmation-Black: There seems to be shifting, serious and significant, somewhere in this week. It’s quite possible you’ll find yourself looking at a situation differently, and maybe seeing something of your own flaws within. Stay loving toward yourself, and accept your imperfections as readily as you would someone else’s. It’s in accepting yourself as you are, with love, that you are able to acknowledge—and ultimately grow from—your own shadow.

This entire weekly flow reminds me of walking around a room in the dark—a room where you’re not alone. Maybe you’re relying on your instincts instead of your eyes. And be aware of what the others in the room say to you. Truth may not be in the words. It may be in a tone of voice or even a pause instead. So take things slowly and deliberately, and feel your way through.

How’s your week looking?!

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