June 10

Everyday Tarot, 06/10/11: Last Call / Rev. 2 of Cups


two-cups-reversed-daily-tarot-forecastSaturn (work, responsibility) is fixing to go direct in in Libra (partnership, balance) in a couple of days, and it’s a big deal. Saturn is a slow mover anyway, and in Libra, it’s sign of exaltation, there is particular opportunity for positive impact if you make good choices.

That makes today’s Tarot forecast is right on schedule!

We have the inverted Two of Cups or “The Lord of Love,” associated with Venus in Cancer. People prefer this card upright, but even reversed, it’s still not unpleasant energy to work with. You’ve got a primarily harmonious union that might just need some tweaking. It’s an “almost there” connection.

Saturn in Libra demands fairness above all else, if you want a positive outcome. Coming out of a a retrograde period, the time for review is ending, whereas the choices you make now will have significant impact on partnerships moving forward.

lastcallThe reversed Two of Cups reminds us to attend to our unions—discovering areas that are out of whack, lacking balance, distorted or off-kilter. The prescription for effectively working with Saturn energy is always more or less the same—do the right thing! Definition, boundaries and sustained efforts are primary tools for doing so.

If you consistently do your best to act with integrity, and only remain paired with others who do the same, you’ll be sitting pretty. If your relationships are not win-win, though, move fast to correct. It’s last call now and you don’t want to wake up all hung over in a strange bed, wondering where your pants went to.

How are you doing with your relationships?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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  1. “It’s last call now and you don’t want to wake up all hung over in a strange bed, wondering where your pants went to.”

    Cracked me up this morning. Thanks, Dixie!!!

  2. Shew..it’s been a journey hasn’t it? I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I think I’m going to survive!

  3. My thoughts exactly, Josi, my thoughts exactly! I am going to survive too! Saturn gave me the final test, and I passed.

  4. Dang it Dixie you are a genius. I love that line, and now you got me thinking, if we don’t fix it now or do it right this time when Saturn goes into Scorpio we will feel like chewing our leg off just to get out of the intense situation. Cripes so that’s where the phrase *coyote sex* came from. All because you forgot where you left your pants!!! :::sheeze:::

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