April 9

Reversed Ace of Wands: Pace Yourself


These days, I’m all about being kinder and gentler with myself.

It helps.

I’m making it a personal practice, to push a little less–saving heroics for the genuinely important, not just “because.” To step back from the motion and chaos and to-do lists to just consider what is working well versus what could be working better. To fully give myself permission to get tired, hungry or irrational, or even (heaven forbid) change my mind!


I’ve got a lot on my plate and that fact unlikely to shift anytime soon. It’s my choice. But that doesn’t mean every day is easy. So pacing appropriately while finding solid ways to take care of myself, making sure my own cup gets refilled on the regular, will make or break this whole enchilada.

I do this in lots of little but important ways.

I set work aside when I get tired or lose focus. I might do my nails, even when the to-do list is glaringly incomplete. I don’t work after dinner (unless the situation actually merits). I may sleep, clean or meal prep first, because these tasks support my physical and emotional well-being, which in turn helps make the rest of it easier.

I prioritize and while I’m not always first on the list, I do see to it I’m not always last, either. In short, I pace myself. I’m not aiming for maximum speed here. I’m looking for some motion forward along with the most pleasant trip I can produce.

This is what I’m recommending for everyone in the coming week.

Next Week in the Cards

At least that Judgement is reversed. I think it’s our saving grace here. Cards, as you probably know, are Rider Waite Mini. Because that’s my working deck and I often pull the weekly after doing a read for one of my Tarot peeps.

Did a quickie (unedited) video forecast for y’all. Because it’s how it worked out. Welcome to my humble spare room.

Forecast Video Transcript

Forecast for next week. Reversed ace of Wands outlook. Reverse six of cups with a clarifier of judgment.

And in short, things may be difficult to get started or get done in the coming week. Might not go to plan. Don’t trust that other people or systems, whatever, will do what they’re supposed to do.

Instead, I want you to see this is an opportunity to kind of get stuff straightened out, like figure out which systems are not solid or which issues need to be addressed and then address it.

You don’t need to blame. You don’t need to be angry or frustrated or whatever. Just take care of it, okay?

That’s what I got for you. Hope it’s helpful.

Peace out. Much love. Bye.

p.s. Stay well out there, friends! And pace yourself.

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