June 21

06/21/12: Untapped Creative Potential | 3 of Cups Rx


reversed 3 of cups

I’ve been writing for several years. I just haven’t noticed so much, it’s all been bits an pieces. But when start to add it up, looking at the actual amount of text I’ve produced, I must have written at least three books! (A couple on Tarot, at least one on weight loss, and miscellaneous life observations.) It’s kind of stunning to realize.

Most of the time, I wasn’t paid to write, but I did anyway. I wanted those words out of my head. A large part of it was as much for me as for anybody else. I think this is meaningful, but I couldn’t tell you exactly how.

Today, we’ve got the reversed Three of Cups, associated with Mercury in Cancer.  While this is traditionally a card of community, I’ve noticed the Legacy of the Divine version, featuring musical instruments, also shows up for me to reference creative endeavors or group creative endeavors. Just another example of how different decks speak different ways.

I could be bothered, realizing how much creative work I’ve done that seemed to just sink into the ocean’s abyss. But I’m not going to be bothered! I see this as preparation, finding my voice, honing my skills, muddling through the hard practice that helps you become better. Could I still use an editor? Hell yes! But looking at my old work, even without an editor’s skilled eye, I know I’ve improved.

The reversed Three of Cups clues us in that creative energy is present, even if not being expressed full force. There is usually a community with which to share, and the work itself may well be celebratory in nature. You have an audience here!

Don’t despair if you’re where I am, wondering how and when and why you aren’t quite where you’d like to be creatively. My Saturn likes the notion of calling this time practice and prep, so I will.

Instead, look to getting that card aright and that energy free flowing. What stands in your way? What blocks your creative chops? Do you worry, what others will think? Do you worry, that you may find out you’re not as good as you imagine yourself? Is it too time-consuming or frustrating or is there just no room in your life for it?

Consider today a heads up to revisit your creative potential and how it can feed you—chances are, some ways are available that are not being utilized. What makes your heart sing, just for the sake of it? Wherever you have great joy, there is great potential. Don’t leave it untapped. Make something!

How do you like to create? Might you do more of it?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Legacy of the Divine, Three of Cups

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  1. I wonder if you are having a 5th house transit! Or a transit to the planet that rules your 5th House. Love this post

    1. Pluto’s ambling through my 5th. I don’t know about other stuff, now I will have to check. But I’m totally digging Jupiter’s groove at the moment, that’s for sure.

  2. That’s the problem, I like to create a million ways! How does a person narrow it down for crying out loud. I think it would be cool to start a business (I have owned a business before), but choosing something out of all the possibilities is a tough one.

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