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03/16/12: Focused Will Holding Fast | 9 Wands



Sometimes, I manage to accomplish something nobody would ever expect. Not every day. But if it’s big, important to me and I commit, I can use an overriding focus sustained over long periods of time.  That’s how I lost 100 pounds, rehabbed our house for sale, and if you want to count it, learned to read Tarot!

Today’s Tarot is Strength, the Nine of Wands (Moon in Sagittarius) —funny, coming on the heels of the Seven and Eight of Wands yesterday! So we’re looking at a very active, creative phase.

Here, strength comes from flexibility, growing and transforming. The moon changes with it’s cycles, and Sagittarius is mutable. What pulls it to together is a single, focused will, shown here as the Unicorn’s horn, pure. This is the force that binds to the energy of the other eight wands.

Maybe you’re getting tired—Tarot Nines can be tiring! And maybe you’re not sure you can make it through. But take heart—you’re almost there. Perseverance to overcome, to conquer, to prevail comes from being willing to adapt as needed while holding tight to your focus.

That means no asking, “Are we almost there?” It doesn’t matter how close or far. (Hint: When you see the Nine of Wands, you are almost done. But that’s immaterial.) All that matters is that you keep on going.

Are you holding fast?

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Nine of Wands, Rosetta Tarot

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