June 27

Risks and Rewards: Weekend Flow Tarot, June 28 – 29


Weekend Tarot Jun 28 - 29

Wow! Three Major Arcana cards for the weekend draw! That tells me it’s going to be a heavy-hitter. Are you ready for this?!

Saturday, Goal – Wheel of Fortune: On a mundane level, looks like someone is trying to get lucky. Probability of risk-taking behavior is pretty high today. Go ahead and indulge, but make them measured risks. As we used to tell our kids, one of the house rules is “no unnecessary risks.”

Sunday, What to Use in the Future – The Tower: What falls, know it falls for a reason. Look at what does NOT work in a big way today and take notes. The cracks you can see in the foundation will inform your actions down the road.

Overview/Advice – The Devil Inverted: Beware over-indulgences, escapism and addictive behavior! It’s also advisable to remember you have a choice, so don’t think you don’t.

Affirmation: I must be selfish enough to align with well-being. Say “no” when you need to and don’t let anybody kanoodle you into doing otherwise. Take the time you need to take off, and make sure your needs are met first. Bad influence can lead to poor decisions, but you’re the one that bears the consequences. So yes, put yourself first to the extent it’s necessary and anybody who depends on you will benefit just the same.

What do you have going this weekend? Does this fit?

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    1. I had chocolate chip cookie pie yesterday. I’d lay off it. But, I have already eaten the whole thing except for the two pieces I shared with Ox and my stepson.

  1. So funny. I want to escape to Wisconsin with a bottle of chardonnay, and that cake wouldn’t be too bad, either.

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