July 6

Riding Fast: Weekly Flow Tarot, July 7 – 11


Weekly Flow Tarot, Jul 7 - 11

Mid-week bump: OH MY GOD! These cards have been utterly and completely spot on in my personal life so far this week. I am used to this, but it’s stunningly so. I did not stop moving all day Monday.  The wedding was lovely, by the way. Tuesday was intense and emotional (and I had to keep myself from getting said emotions all over the floor).

And it’s officially Woo-Woo Wednesday, with our next episode of Woo-Woo Wonderful being recorded live (5pm Central, 6 Eastern) where we are talking about the Element of Water.

I really could not have come up with a more appropriate personal reading for this week.

I have to say, I’m looking forward to that Wheel of Fortune tomorrow, but the reversed Seven of Swords on Friday, not so much! I am trying very hard to grab those quiet moments when I can and focus on what I want to happen. I can do that. And you can, too.

How’s your week shaking out?

p.s. I’m in the process of finishing up a big project, which I am excited about and it is the reason you haven’t seen many videos from me lately. It’s sucked up my free time! All hush-hush for the moment, but if you want to be among the first to know about it, make sure you’re on my mailing list.

The mix of Tarot Suits suggest a week with a lot of variety. Only one Major Arcana card is showing up for Thursday under action, and it’s a friendly one. Woot! I also like the fact we’ve got a mostly upright week. So much less confusing than those weeks with too many inverted cards to sort out.

While I’m fairly happy with this mix, I’m not saying it will necessarily be a gravy/easy week. Setting the pace is two Tarot Knights; you can count on brisk. With the exception of Wednesday’s “Answer” card and the weekly overview card, these are all fast-moving energies we’re talking here. Busy week! So grab those breather-breaks where you can find them.

Monday, Clarification – Knight of Wands: We’re on the move! Things ARE happening, in case you weren’t sure. I happen to be taking a day trip for a kid’s wedding today, and have another kid starting a new job the same day, so it’s a very literal draw for me!

For the rest of y’all, though, I’ll say this—if you’re wondering if you are getting anywhere, you are. If something is happening or not? This is a card of fast, decisive (and possibly impulsive) movement. Yeah, it’s on!

Tuesday, Lesson –Knight of Cups: Learn to hold your liquor! Okay, maybe not quite so literally. But the lesson is centered on responsibly managing feelings, even when they get all…sloshy. Are you leaking your issues on others, dripping sarcasm or hurt feelings or overwhelm on the floor around the house? Try to clean up after yourself.

Wednesday, Answer – Nine of Pentacles: Study up and pay attention. That’s where the missing piece lies today. Hit the books (or the internet, or the phone-a-friend option,  whatever). The information you need is out there and you can identify it because you’ve studied the issue already. You’ve got this.

Thursday, Action – Wheel of Fortune: Very straightforward indication, reasonable gambles pay off. I’m never going to suggest to put the rent money on “Lucky Lady” in the 5th. But if you see an opportunity to reach a little outside your normal comfort zone, I’d expect it to be supported and pay off. Word to the brave!

Friday, Unconscious Desires – Seven of Swords Inverted: There’s an undercurrent here of just wanting all the crap to come out in the open, even if it generates some drama in the short term. I’m feeling this as a tiredness surrounding what’s not being said, and a lack of patience especially with dishonesty. Like accidently “letting something slip” due unconscious desire for it TO slip, you know? Just know that whatever comes up, it’s because it probably needs to come up. Do the best you can, acting from the heart. You can pretty much never go wrong living from a heart-centered place.

Advice/Overview –Four of Wands: Grab those naps when you can. Know your “safe place,” whether it’s a physical place, within a particular community, an emotional place, it doesn’t matter. This looks to be a very busy, potentially demanding week and you want to bring your best to it. So look for those opportunities to retreat, powernap, decompress and gear up for the next round. I’m rooting for you!

Affirmation—Every subject is two subjects: wanted and not wanted. How often do we focus on the “not wanted” part of this equation? I know I’m guilty of that, and it sure doesn’t do much for my performance in obtaining the “wanted” variable. This isn’t just prettified wishful thinking we’re talking. I want to maintain a pragmatically optimistic outlook.

People would call you delusional if you focused entirely on best-case scenarios. Why not acknowledge it’s just as delusional to focus entirely on worst-case outcomes? Of course, look to prepare for life to be less than perfect. But accept that it will generally be more than disastrous! The less time you mentally and emotional live in “disastrous,” the more prepared you are to accept and enjoy any awesomeness that finds its way to your door.

What’s your week looking like? Does this fit it?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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