August 26

08/26/11: Make a Move, Already! | Reversed Two of Wands


two-wands-reversedI’ve been known to stress over insignificant choices. Or maybe “known” isn’t the right word. I try to keep some of my oddness under the radar, thank you very much! But I’m self-aware enough to acknowledge nuttiness potential, even if I don’t want to parade it around the room.

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Two of Wands or Lord of Dominion, associated with Mars in Aries. Tarot twos denote choice. Will our happy housewife mop or sweep? She hasn’t the time to do both before company arrives! She’s not any closer to getting either done while she dallies around trying to decide, though.

I usually see the Two of Wands as indicative of  pressure to decide, as opposed to the Two of Swords, which is more about carefully and rationally weighing options. With the Two of Wands, there’s more of a push, a fiery drive to act along the lines of the Mars in Aries. Whether from within or without, these choices are vying for attention, competing. Inverted, we may be fearful to move or waiting for something else to make the choice for us.

Fear of making a poor decision can translate into avoiding action entirely. This is even less satisfying than making a less-than-perfect call. It’s true, there are times it’s best to wait, letting signs emerge and clarify. But not now. Here,  any constructive steps start the flow and ease the pressure. Getting closer will help, so lay off the second-guessing.

The reversed Two of Wands suggests action—decide what feels best to you, and move on it. Be prepared to adjust as you go, for sure, because each choice carries advantages and disadvantages. But do the best you can with the information you have; don’t let fear keep you from getting that floor in shape. You’ll be happier once you’ve made progress, and there’s a good chance you’ll learn something useful from the process.

Do you have a decision point hanging?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. No decision to make here, but a great card for the day Mercury is going direct, huh?
    Thanks, Dixie!
    And TGIMD everybody!
    (Thank God it’s Mercury direct. LOL!)

  2. Amen to that Kim.
    I think it will help clear a lot of that decision making stuff up for some as well.
    I’m Libra, I struggle with it all the I’m used to it.
    Blessings to ya’ll for a great day!
    :sun: :moon: :sun:

    1. Josi –
      “I’m Libra, I struggle with it all the I’m used to it.”

      LOLOL!! No wonder I love seeing a post from you. Another Libra!
      I’m used to it as well, but boy, did I ever get hammered with a really intense back and forth decision last week. Yikes. I eventually worked my way thru it ok, and made the right decision, but I think I drove everyone around me nuts.

  3. Today’s choice is about NOT doing something. I decided against going to another volunteer meeting at my son’s new school. They love new blood & since I just finished putting together the football program (THANKS BAILEY) I’m definately on their radar. I volunteered to do the program “for my son” but it took WAY too much time away from my family so upon further review it could’ve been more ego driven. Not to mention Mercury in Retrograde F&*#ed me over on computer stuff – BIG TIME.

    My husband and I always support anything our children are involved in & this time I’m making a choice to say NO. There is no guilt here & I’m not a bad mom for NOT attending. Acutally I’m being a better mom by saying NO, just as long as I utilize the time I saved to actually clean somthing.

    The Housewife Tarot is my absolute favorite & it’s fitting today because I’m making a choice to say NO to the outside world & YES to focus on my HOUSE & FAMILY. I’m going to throw a load of clothes in the washer now & then grab my broom – the dog hair tumble weeds are HUGE! Maybe I should brush the dogs first? Great another thing on my list – geesh.

    Have a grate weekend everyone & have fun and the fair Dixie! Let’s all celebrate Mercury going direct!!!

    1. CancerMom,

      I’m doing that too! NO to the PTA, YES to a better home/dixiblog/domains/ Somehow they will survive without us, right?

      But is does kind of feel like breaking some kind of addiction. I loved when the kids enjoyed my party games, but it took way too much of my time because I always make them as cool as possible.

      Like you said, maybe it becomes an ego thing? I can’t bear to make something that seems lame, so… bye-bye PTA for now!

      My house is going to be SO organized.

      Ok, time to make decisions and take those steps!


  4. Wow – when you’re both done cleaning at your place, can you come over here?
    Especially for the HUGE Aussie furballs all over the place. :dog:

    Seriously – I think you both made terrific decisions!
    And I hope everyone has a great weekend as well!

  5. Pretty spot on read. I spent more than an hour and a half tossing and turning in the middle of the night, fretting about whether or not to take a class. Luckily it’s not imperative for me that I decide just yet, but the decision is coming, and it’s not an easy one to make by any means.

  6. Do you have a decision point hanging?

    LOL – oh yeah I do! I was just agonizing over it again last night. Feeling pressured. Running around in circles in my head.

    I don’t have Libra, but I do have Mars in Aries… and this card today, along with Merc going direct, is like a slap in the face. Ok already. I’m just going to go forward with what I have, even if I feel like it’s not enough. And even if I know the true end product will probably not be anywhere NEAR what it’s going to start as. All it takes is the first step.

    Thanks, Dixie!

  7. My days off from work are always the worst. I will often wake up and try to decide what I want to and need to do that day. These are trivial matters – stuff like grocery shopping, taking a shower, watching a movie, writing an e-mail… not life-changing events.

    I write all the options down (I am one of them list making freaks, I love my lists!) and then start weighing them, trying to decide the best course of action and the sequence that would have me feeling accomplished but also rested. I fuss over these decisions until half the day is gone and I am unable to do everything anyway because there isn’t enough time.

    Silly huh?

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