March 22

03/22/12: On-the-job training | Rev 3 Pentacles



“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” Buddha

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Three of Pentacles (Moon in Capricorn). Ah, those Cappys do love their planning! It fulfills an emotional need (Moon) for security (Capricorn). But no matter your chart, sometimes plans go awry. And it can be upsetting!

It’s okay. All is not lost, although you may need to remain flexible. But hey, how many innovations have been made exactly because of plans that have gone awry? People don’t succeed because of comprehensive planning, although solid planning matters. It’s not helpful to get pissed when what you willed didn’t take place the way you willed it.

Rather, people fly or fall based on their ability to ride the energy as it unfolds. You may have to fence in (Capricorn) your emotional response (Moon) to successfully ride the wave.

If your plans have gone amiss, maintain the pieces that still work for you and regroup the rest of your energy. The trick is not getting caught up in a big fluster over what’s shaken loose. Instead, see it as opportunity to enhance your mastery (Capricorn). You learn as you go. On-the-job training is underway: be a quick study!

How do you cope when plans start to fall apart?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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  1. As a Cap Moon, this has been a big lesson for me the past two years… sometimes ya just gotta get the broomstick outta yer posterior about some things.. ya know? Life is a lot more relaxed that way.

  2. Ha Cap Moon has been teaching me to ride the crashing waves for as long as I can remember! When things fall through I find comfort in attempting to plan the next best thing.. even if I make it half way its better that being stuck where I landed!!

    Dixie thanks for this blog ur daily readings synch up nicely with a lot of what I am experiencing now!!

  3. I just read this one… Yesterday I had made huge plans, and never made it to my destination!

    I did try to stay calm about it and I’ll try again today.


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