January 29

01/29/12: Unreliable Investments | Rev 7 of Pentacles


IMG_1968Before I had kids, I was pretty sure I understood everything there was to understand about  raising kids. I was brilliant, after all! So much more insightful than these yahoos I’d see in restaurants and grocery stores, who obviously had NO clue whatsoever. Right? In my youthful arrogance, I was certain 5 minutes with me would have straightened all that crap right up.

You can stop laughing now. I’ll wait.

I’m reminded of the mindset, seeing today’s card.

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Seven of Pentacles (Saturn in Taurus).  I often think of this card as referring to an investment. The seeds have been long ago planted, and are bearing fruit. We’re looking at long-term planning, gradual payoff for previous efforts, and a slow (Taurus) mastery (Saturn). Inverted, I’d look to investments that did not pay off, blocked progress, or perhaps not getting the fruit you expected from the efforts put forth.

The reversed Seven of Pentacles points out the obvious: not all investments pay out as expected. Life isn’t a vending machine, where you put in your money, wait a minute, and get your prize! Even with overpowering faith, laser-focused intention, and all the will in the world, you don’t always get what you expect.

Sometimes, this fact is not a curse. Sometimes, it’s a grand gift. The catch is, you may not realize that for a decade or three. The work isn’t gone. Inverted or not, the energy remains. It doesn’t disappear. It just hasn’t turned out the way you’d imagined.

So what then? Make the best of what you got from the process. Maybe you got yourself an education over what doesn’t work, or built some muscles bending over, putting those seeds in the ground. Maybe you clarified what you really want to grow, what feeds you most. There are a million and three things you could salvage from the experience, all useful. Doesn’t it make sense to capitalize on that?

No sense spending lots of energy fretting over how you expected it to be. Move the present, to work with what you’ve got now. You may find a golden opportunity, once you’ve regained the presence of mind to look about.

Do you feel your investments have paid off?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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  1. Unfortunately, no, I’ve made so many investments in others over the years, (getting ex husband into and through medical school, ideas that friends have had for a business, to say nothing about all the friends that I have “been there” for) and have found out that hardly any have paid off for me. But, the lesson to be learned, and one I’ve just found myself exercising earlier this morning, is that I can only invest in others, when I am “full” myself. I take care of me first, and if anything is left over, then I can help.

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