May 14

Reversed Page of Pents: Overcoming Miscommunications to Take Charge


“What are you hoping to accomplish?”

That’s a question many of my Tarot peeps have heard over the years, and one I often have to remind myself about. Because the drive to be “right” or express your truth of a situation can be very strong at times.

But if that drive doesn’t advance your objectives, then is it really helpful? I’m reminding myself of this right now, and it seems the cards are echoing the sentiment.

Next Week in the Cards

The Reversed Page of Pentacles sets the tone. Expect a tendency for misunderstandings and getting caught up in possibly irrelevant details.

The King of Wands offers advice: take charge and focus on your objectives.

I recently had an unplanned discussion where pressure that had been boiling up finally boiled over, resulting in some blurting. The two sides would never, ever meet. Dissension on basic principles was guaranteed.

That’s the kind of conversation this forecast is talking about.

I’m going to do my best to follow this week’s advice: standing strong, tall, and clear on what’s meaningful to me, taking charge of my boundaries, and enforcing them like nobody’s business. I’m ready for this, and this week’s forecast gives me the confidence I need to make it happen.

I’d suggest the same for you. Have a strong week, friends.

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King of Wands, Legacy of the Divine, Page of Pentacles

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