November 1

11/01/11: Less Forest, More Trees | Reversed Knight of Pentacles


knight-of-pentacles-reversed-meaningLike a lot of Virgos, you ask me what I do well and I’m liable to hem and haw. You ask me what I need to work on, though, and I’m all over it! It’s not false modesty. It’s the combination of a sharp mind and self-criticism. I find endless areas for improvement, simultaneously dismissing the endless areas I’ve mastered. They should count as much, don’t you think? Because I don’t think us Virgo peeps are alone on this one…

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Knight of Pentacles reversed, associated with Air in Earth. So it’s thinking (Air) about the physical (Earth).  I’ve found Knights have a tendency toward all or nothing thinking, and this one, especially, can get over-focused on the details at the risk of losing sight of the bigger picture. You’ll sometimes see this fellow inverted when people are getting a bit obsessive, or having difficulty managing their physical resources. Gambling, poor financial risks, wastefulness, or following the letter but not spirit of the rules are potential manifestation.

Less trees, more forest now. Less criticism, more credit. Less obsess, more release. It’s time to cut some slack. Start at home.

Do you see areas where you could stand to cut some slack?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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Knight of Pentacles, Morgan-Greer, Virgo

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