December 14

12/14/11: Stay Balanced, My Friends! | Rev Justice, Knight of Wands


“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” Thomas Merton


Today’s Tarot is reversed Justice (Libra) and the Knight of Wands (Air in Fire). Watch to be sure you remain balanced and fair. Be aware, you may be getting something started without realizing it. Don’t run away with yourself hereā€”or anyone else. If you teeter a little over the edge, the effect ripples.

Sometimes this happens a lot stronger or more than you imagined. It does for me, and maybe for you. So be aware, okay?

You feeling this?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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Justice, Knight of Wands, Tarot Nova

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  1. I was trying to be fair in a situation at home/dixiblog/domains/, but the other person just wasn’t getting it/taking it in. I finally pointed out that they were trying to win, not be fair and compromise. I was standing up to someone being an a$$ to me, but when I tried that more last month (fairly), I was the one punished.

    I just noticed a thread called a$$hole transits, was bumped on another site. at the time, I thought I was being an a$$hole, but I wasn’t; I had to be reassured that it was okay to stand up for myself. I practically had a breakdown last night, from all the yelling, though; ended up just hyperventilating.

  2. Some people won’t be fair in an argument ever. I know somebody who is proud of the fact that she will say anything to win in any trivial argument, going so far as to be as hurtful as possible, seeking the other person’s weaknesses.

    I am so fair in any argument that it seems to put me at a disadvantage. I had always sought to emulate the pinnacle of logic, Spock. But then I thought, I should try to show a little emotion, or it seems like I’m being condescending. I would never want to make it personal. I just love a good debate…

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