December 20

12/20/11: Time Tells All! | Rev Justice, Seven of Cups, Three of Wands



Let’s get right to the point here: any outrage you may be feel over injustices, any lack of fairness that is disturbing you now, or even a sense of being out of balance? Well, it isn’t forever, okay? It’s also not as clear cut as you’d think. You don’t have all the facts! Some of the options you so clearly see? The whole picture isn’t in view. Not every option is what is seems.

Work to do right, and take a long term view! Truth generally outs in the long term, and here it definitely does. Stay responsible to your own vision, and drive your own life. With time, those details you’ve have had no way of knowing come into focus. Your ship does come in, and it’s got the right cargo on it. Just keep watch.

Can you relate?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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Justice, Seven of Cups, Three of Wands

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  1. Thank you for this one!

    Right, unfairness is not forever. I have been remembering what you said once, “will any of this matter seven years from now?”

    Then I remember “steer your boat”, and I’m steering it away from the sharks, and toward a nice little tropical island.

    :island: :island: :island:

  2. Witing for the truth to come into focus is hard for those of us who think TIME is just another 4 letter word-sort of like a cuss word yanno :clock:

    “Stay responsible to your own vision and drive your own life”. I need to remember before I claim something to be an injustice I should let things come into focus & make sure the situation is mine to begin with before I get all unbalanced about it. Someone else who it actually belongs to may have the PATIENCE to let life unfold as it should.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. This guy made a pass at me nine years ago, then made me out to be delusional and/or a liar. He came here for christmas in 2004, ruining a good portion of my christmas, and leaving me feeling relieved when he left in time for new year’s, and three months later, declared his undying love for me – all this time, he was supposed to be in love with my sister. He denied it the next day, blamed intoxicants and sickness, and now they’re engaged, and I am freaking out – I don’t want to be under the same roof as him for days on end, ever again, and I’m being told that it’s happening. I can’t take it, and am trying to figure out what else I can do, because I won’t put up with it.

    the truth came out and it didn’t matter. she still stuck with him, and now her choices are affecting me when I have no control over this, and it is not fair. I wish I could say that the truth coming out would help, but it didn’t. I feel so uncomfortable, I can’t even express how much. he makes my skin crawl, and for someone who usually forgives pretty easily, it’s really horrible.

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