November 18

11/18/11: Beyond Blips | Rev. Justice, Rev. Hanged Man, Rev. Knight of Cups


Different points in my life, I’ve had very different ideas on the concept “Everything works out in the end.” On the one hand, it is a bit trite as advice and not terribly comforting. If someone is saying that to you, it’s probably because you’re not convinced of it! Annoying, like a pat on the head and signal to shut up. And sometimes, it sure hasn’t felt that way, either in my own life or observations into other people’s lives. But from the perspective of taking what you get and doing the best you can with it, I can be on board with the concept.

Life is a huge canvas and we’re the painter of our own landscape here. I think we may come into this world with a few, broad strokes penciled in, but most of it is a fill-in as you go, powered by the palate you’ve got on hand and judicious use of free will. Maybe that ugly piece of the composition becomes the basis for something spectacular before we’re done. Or not, I don’t know. But it probably could, if you decided to make it so.

IMG_1800 (550x284)

Well heck. Whenever I see all the cards reversed in a reading, I think to myself, “There are some blocks here.” To me, it means the energy is not free-flowing. Doesn’t mean the essence isn’t there—I generally won’t get the card at all unless it is in the mix. But inverted, I know it’s not freely expressing.

So with Justice reversed (Libra), Hanged Man reversed (Neptune), and Knight of Cups reversed (Air in Water)…well, I’d say there’s a lack of balance here. Do things not seem fair, and you’re lacking faith they’ll work out okay? Because that’s looking to be a bit of an emotional disruption. I can go back to the idea that some of the most painful bits of my life gave me invaluable lessons. But that’s still pretty cold comfort when you’re faced with the living of them.

I’m inclined to say life isn’t right or wrong, but just IS. Some pieces are easy and some are hard, but it doesn’t automatically follow that the easier pieces are better and the harder ones are worse any more than sweets are necessarily better than vegetables. I do believe we have the free will, though, to steer and focus toward that which is both healthy and emotionally fulfilling. Oft times, we make our jobs so much harder than they need to be.

So the message today for me is to remain in balance by shoring up my faith that all IS well, just as it should be. Doing so successfully lessens emotional volatility that could attract confusion, pain and trouble that’s easily avoidable. Each life has ups and downs. How good a life it is doesn’t depend on the ratio of ups to downs by any stretch. It’s utterly dependent on how we LIVE the ups and downs we get. The power remains our own.

How well do you manage to stay balanced amidst stressors?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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Free Will, Justice, Knight of Cups, Major Arcana, Morgan-Greer, The Hanged Man

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  1. It’s a very conscious effort. Amid stressors I have to constantly remind myself to breathe and maintain balance. Things might go wrong but they are going to be even worse if I lose it. I have to remind myself to take breaks and allow myself to be human. Things are not always fair. Decisions aren’t always easy and sometimes I may have no idea what it is I’m supposed to think or do. But, returning to the core values I’ve struggled so desparately to learn has never failed me. There is the solidity. The rock to cling to in the storm is often there. I just have to remind myself to grab onto it.

    1. “But, returning to the core values I’ve struggled so desparately to learn has never failed me. There is the solidity.”

      What a wonderful approach! I’ll bet it serves you well, Josi. For your storms… :umbrella: and :rainbow:

  2. Thanks Dixie and Josi…

    Here is my mantra for the day:

    ALL IS WELL, with the FAITH and POWER of core values during the storms…

    :yinyang: :thunder: :yinyang:

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