March 16

03/17/13: Antsy / Hanged Man


“Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.” Mahatma Gandhi

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So maybe your life isn’t going as planned, not even close! And maybe you’re beyond bothered, having tried so hard to do all the “right” things. I get you. There’s a edge here, an urge to make make some sort of grand gesture akin smacking all the chess pieces off the board and starting over.

I wouldn’t. Not today, at least.

We’ve got the reversed Hanged Man (or here, the Hanging Man) from my new deck, The Gilded Tarot. He’s not on the traditional tree, and strikes me as being more active than most versions we see, but at the very least, he doesn’t seem anxious or upset despite his predicament. And like most versions, his legs form a “4” shape, which I associate with Tarot fours, meaning stability and safety.

Connected to Neptune, the Hanged Man often speaks to concepts like faith and sacrifice. His energy is very hard to pin down, and reversed, even more so.

Think back to the challenging times you’ve had in the past, those points where you felt lost and frustrated. Some may have been extremely unpleasant, but did you not manage to find your way out? Did you not manage to grow in the process? Did you not learn lessons that could not have been learned any other way?

(If your answer is “No,” you’re doing it wrong. No judgment, I just believe in extracting gifts from sucky life experience.)

Mercury is going direct and motion, hence leaving you feel less blocked shortly. In the meantime, grow your faith and accept where you are now in order to ride the energy in a natural progression.

Are you feeling antsy?

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Gilded Tarot, Neptune, The Hanged Man

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  1. I will take this advice. I was ready to make a grand gesture (a proposed two page contract) but I’ll give it time.

    I’m reciting all the comforting mantra words I can bring to mind:

    Detach, peace, flow, faith, transcend, forgive, compassion, breathe.

    Meditate, accept, surrender, wait, thy will be done Father. Gratitude.

    (I love you anyway, but possibly good-bye.)

  2. “an urge to make make some sort of grand gesture akin smacking all the chess pieces off the board and starting over”

    I’m definitely EXACTLY THERE. Before reading this, about an hour ago, I just left an online group I had been part of since fall, but had been wanting to leave for a quite a while. It’s now done.

    I also very much NEED to make some other changes about my online presence (again) but am not sure yet how to go about it… I know sweeping the whole chess board clean in one fell swoop (again – I did this last fall, except for you) would not be the right thing.

  3. Update: Yay! This afternoon, stumbled upon a solution to ~one~ part of my problem! At least it won’t be staring me in the face anymore!! And I did it WITHOUT tossing the baby out with the bath water!

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