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01/18/12: Ends and Means and Winning | Rev Five of Swords



“Don’t fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning.” Erwin Rommel

So, do you feel like a loser? Did you win the battle at the expense of the war? Are you a sore winner? Is winning worth the price? These are the kind of questions I ask when I see the reversed Five of Swords (Venus in Aquarius). The victory or defeat isn’t so clear cut.

I’ve never been an “ends justifies the means” gal. I consider that attitude akin to writing yourself a blank check to act without consulting a moral compass. Whatever gained that way isn’t worth having. “Ends” come and go, but “means” are how you live day in and out, what determine who you really are. It’s not just the ends that count. It’s how you live your life.

I won’t say this approach hasn’t cost me at times. But never my soul. Everything else? Not as hard to replace.  Today, I’m seeing a prompt to check definitions, of winning and losing. Have clarity of what is to be gained or lost, in both the battle and outcome.

What do you see in the reversed Five of Swords?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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  1. I’m with you on this one, Dixie. Our behavior in creating gain is of the highest importance. We live with ourselves everyday, after all.

    Venus in Aquarius can emotionally detach better than some. What I see in the card is maybe taking that to an extreme and becoming isolated. Reversed, it seems even more so. When I’m feeling most alone, the best prescription is to reach out.

  2. “ends justifies the means” This statement has been uttered way too often regarding a certain situation and if another is allowed for their “end to justify their means” as part of forgiveness to them then it seems forgiveness may never really happen.

    In reality all you’ve really done is tell the other person “It’s ok you were a shit to me because you’re shittyness was justified”. It also leaves the door open for them to do it again if they need to “justify” other shitty behavior of theirs.

    Yes one must take responsibility for how you may have impacted the situation but that is yours not theirs. And no matter how you behave the other person is responsible for their actions and should NEVER EVER allow the ends to justify the means. Until they acknowledge their moral compass is askew they will continue this behavior.

    Dixie I could just hug the hell out of you right now!!!
    Love you much friend :-*

  3. My God Dixie, This is just freaking HUGE for me!

    Previously I wrote “if another is allowed for their “end to justify their means” as part of forgiveness to them then it seems forgiveness may never really happen.” Forgiveness would be harder to achieve because you’re now FULLY aware what they’re capable of. For me it was betrayal & every single time there is just a whiff of non-truth (real or imagined) it tweaks the original hurt – I don’t care how many years down the road it is!

    Of course you have to decide if you want to forgive someone but you forgiving them doesn’t necessarily change THEIR behavior, all it does is open your eyes. If you can’t see honesty in everything they do it makes them harder to believe. Also, the other person doesn’t really seem repentant if they continue with this type of behavior in any way – no matter how small a transgression. I can forgive but I’m human & it’s hard, I can still love this person but it doesn’t mean I always have to trust them & how they act us much more important than what they say.

    As for me, I have to make sure I’m not doing anything where the end justifies the means.

  4. I’ve never been an “ends justifies the means” girl, either. I wish that I could have handled certain things with the grace that I would have exhibited in the past, but I also know that I never had any ill intent, and was defending myself.

    I’ve always believed that I have a responsibility in the way that I treat others, and I believe that about others, too – only you can’t force anyone else to think or feel the same way. When someone knows you’re in trouble emotionally, and their actions are the equivalent of pulling your fingers off the edge of the boat that you’re clinging to (not to them, but knowing that they are making it worse, and smirking over it?) – I’ll never understand that.

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