December 8

Reversed Eight of Cups: Emotional Archeology


Sometimes, we think we’re over it, beyond over it, so many years past it. But we can find out we’re not as over it as we thought.

Remains of the past may be forgotten, buried in the dust of time. But it’s all still there, underneath the surface. And sometimes we can trip over it.

Triggers happen–even those we didn’t know we (still) had. Perspectives, relationships, and yes, even realities, evolve slowly over time. The way our lives manifest builds gradually, almost imperceptibly, with layer upon layer of energy, one atop the other, much the same way sand can cover ruins over time.  The sum total of energy we carry on any given question isn’t always obvious, superficial or clean.

I’m right here with you, friends. My husband has this habit of pointing it out, when my feelings are usually complicated by past experience.

Damn him for knowing me so well. Har!

But he’s right. Life is messy and our feelings can be, too.  When that’s the case, we need to be extra careful in navigating.

That’s what we’re looking at in the coming week.

In the Cards

Outlook is the reversed Eight of Cups. Advice is the reversed Six of Pentacles. Deck shown here, Legacy of the Divine.

When I see a reversed Eight of Cups, I often think of the stereotypical response to the angry wife question, “What’s wrong?” Because the “nothing” that inevitably follows isn’t exactly true, is it?

But it’s a little more complicated than that. Even if we try to directly explain that ‘nothing,’ it’s likely to only scratch the surface, if even that. “Nothings” can run deep, dark and mysterious. How can we explain what we barely if at all understand for ourselves?

Have you ever found yourself getting upset by a scenario in your head? Or about how a person behaved in a dream? I would not be surprised to see some of that this week. This makes it even more important we duly heed Tarot’s advice. The Reversed Six of Pentacles suggests giving only what one has to give, and not being overly hasty about it.

Wait until you’re emotionally clear before you act. Don’t give people a hard time about what you imagine their motivations to be, because there’s a better-than-fair chance that what you have to say indicates a lot more about your state than absolute truth. We all have emotional baggage. It’s so easy to spot for someone else, but none of us gets out of life without at least a carry-on or two, man.

Be as generous as you can with assumptions, but at the same time, don’t move if you’re not feeling it.

And for the love of all that is holy and good, do NOT give any of your energy out of obligation, fear, shame or what-have-you. It won’t end well. If you cannot do it without resentment, cancel that appointment. No passing go, no hopping on the Guilt Trip Express.

The time will come for being all-in, and it’s not too far off. But right now, today, make sure you’re all-in with your heart before you get your mouth (or any other bodily structures) involved. Give only when you can freely, gladly, from the heart and without external pressure. That’s when the gift of energy will be pure and most potent (and most likely to land where you expect as well).

As we sift through the strata of our emotions this week, consider what artifacts of the past could be shaping your present. It’s up to you to decide when the dig is through, my friends. Stay safe out there!

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Eight of Cups, Legacy of the Divine, Six of Pentacles

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