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03/18/12: Risky Business?| Rev Ace Pentacles, Rev 4 Pentacles


“Expect to starve for the first six months.” That was advice given to me from an experienced colleague, when I was first going into the web design business. “It takes that long to build up a clientele, and people usually aren’t ready for that.”

I’d contacted some folks who were successfully doing what I wanted to do, meeting to get acquainted and, of course, see if he had need for any subcontracting work. Ha! I did get some subcontracting work, but the advice lasted a lot longer than the cash I earned. He cautioned me not to become discouraged, and I took heed his words. (My 11th house Jupiter graces me with excellent support from mentor-types.)

When you start to work for yourself after leaving cubeville, it’s…disconcerting. The make your own choices, live your own schedule part, that comes easy! But there’s more. Paychecks appearing in with predictable regularity is history.For projects, each takes about three times as long as you imagine. Waiting for checks to arrive can be even worse.

Fear is the entrepreneurs’ nemesis, I quickly learned. That is what came to mind, when I saw today’s cards…


Seeing the reversed Ace of Pentacles (root of Earth) and reversed Four of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn), risk—or the aversion thereof—is up for discussion. Especially financial risk. People go to school, move, or work beneath their earning power for many reasons. To build skills, break free of an oppressive situation, adapt to the needs of a loved one. The list goes on. But still, there’s a purpose for the decision. Best not to forget that.

The Capricorn energy of the Four of Pentacles can be quite bothered by risk taking. So maybe you won’t call it “risk.” Maybe you should call it an “investment” instead. That’s what is, you know. Not unnecessary risk. Taking a chance, making a move to give yourself options, follow your heart, or find the freedom to distribute your energy how you see fit.

Besides: you can PREPARE for these risks. Set a little cash aside. Stock up your pantry. Organize your support network. Do whatever you need to do, in order to walk forward knowing you have some kind of backup plan. Then, if it takes a minute to find stability as you travel your new path, you’ll be okay with that.

I will tell you one thing, I’ve learned working for myself for over a decade now…once I developed a sense of faith surrounding my work, a trust that I would always have what I needed, I pretty much have. Lose a client? Get two new clients, often within 24 hours.  I’ve always had food and shelter and love freely available. All my needs have continued to be met, despite any momentary fluxes. That’s what faith brought me: the freedom to take risks.

How are you with taking risks? Why?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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  1. I admire that you are able to do this. Taking the complete leap from being employed to being my own boss is something I haven’t had the gumption to commit to. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m scared. I’ve struggled in the past financially and my job is a steady base for me to operate from. Maybe I’ll feel differently about it when the kids are on their own. Maybe I won’t. I just know I’m not there yet.

  2. Entrepreneurship is NOT for the faint of heart & not everyone has the stomach for it. You received some great advice but no matter how much advice one is given & taken to heart it’s always MUCH harder and MUCH scarier than expected. You cannot be an entrepreneur if you’re a Nervous Nellie!!!

    My husband is an entrepreneur down to his soul, he has complete FAITH in himself. He believes whatever one sets their mind to can be achieved without question while maintaining your integrity – he is FEARLESS! It’s all the Capricorn & Leo in his chart. After we started our company & had a handful of employees he said he didn’t realize how heavy the employees would feel and how responsible he felt. I believe it’s due to all the Cancer in his chart and he sees them as part of our family and he feels responsible.

    I am an Entrepreneur’s wife. Am I fearless – meh. Maybe I’m just to foolish to be scared but I do put my faith in him even if there are times all my Virgo tells him a better way to do things-hehe.

    There are a lot of people who think they can do it better than who they’re currently working for (they’re probably right)or has a great business idea or plan. However, it takes a special person, along with some fearlessness in one’s chart, to put the innate fear that lives in all of us aside to persevere.

    Good Stuff my pink haired friend :yes:

  3. Yes. It’s exactly the same as your reading today: Six months ago, I started doing freelance translation and writing work. I’ve learned a lot of liberating lessons, not just faith, but also how to draw hard lines in the sand, something that has been very difficult for me (I have a mutable t-square involving Pluto). But now I have no choice but to do so. It’s been fun. I think I like living on the edge a lot more than I knew and I’ve reclaimed myself by going back to my natural talents. (In my early and mid-20s, I made fairly good money doing translation and writing docs and then after my divorce… I forgot I could. It’s the WEIRDEST thing. Now, every time I get paid for writing it feels like magic.)

  4. Wow, this post blows my mind. I am not going on to any doctoral programs next year, so I’m so freaked out thinking about what I might do instead. My current job options lead to nowhere. I am considering going back to teaching yoga, which is an extremely risky business.

  5. Risk vs. Investment. I like it! That totally changes the way I’m looking at some decisions I have to make. Awesome.
    I’ll take Investment!
    Thanks, Dixie!

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