July 11

Reversed Ace of Swords: Limited Clarity


I started this yesterday but got interrupted by “a situation.” Oddly enough–or maybe not so oddly–that situation is pretty much exactly what I’d started writing about for this week’s forecast.

Literal Tarot is literal, folks!

I’m on-call as a caregiver right now, so there may be times I’ll be late writing this, or even forget it completely if it’s been a demanding week. Sometimes it’s hard to get enough sleep. The time and space to do things I like comes and goes.

I’m learning to roll with it, much as I can. I’m learning to be satisfied with what I manage, however it turns out. I know my life is up in the air in so many ways, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. I’m spending regular time processing, working through my feelings, considering perspective and just letting things sink in,  sitting out on the porch, usually

And I’m being sure I keep connected to important people in between. This is the approach the cards are suggesting for next week.

Coming Up in the Cards

Next week, outlook is reversed Ace of Swords with advice from the reversed Hermit. Cards pictured from the softly colored Universal Rider-Waite mini deck.

A reversed Ace of Swords is a partial truth, incomplete (but probably accurate) facts, a limited clarity. It’s a picture coming into focus, but not yet distinguishable as a whole.

So we may be seeing hints of what’s coming, indicators or impressions that are not necessarily misleading, but without question incomplete. Don’t assume you’re getting the whole picture because you’re not. It’s not yet available.

For advice, a reversed Hermit would have you going slowly, allowing yourself plenty of alone-time to process, process, process along the way. Be mindful of the potential to isolate.

Connect, friends. Connect. In between your alone-processing time, connect.

Got it? Let the picture emerge in its own time because really, you don’t have a choice about that anyway. Understand what you’re seeing is part of the picture, not all. And in between processing sessions, don’t let yourself become too isolated. Connection is helpful and healing as well.

Much love. And stay sane out there, friends!

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Ace of Swords, Hermit, Universal Rider-Waite

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