September 9

09/10/13: Tapped Out / Reversed Ace of Cups


Reversed Ace of Cups Meaning

The reversed Ace of Cups is empty. I think of this card in the reversed position as emotionally drained, detached.

Now “emotionally drained” conjures up negative connotations, but that’s not necessarily the case. Sometimes a good cry releases pent up stress. Sometimes, feelings spent means you can let them go. Sometimes, breaking up is the right choice. Sometimes, distance means relief or safety. Both the capacity for love and the capacity for pain from any given situation is in direct correlation to the level of emotional involvement. So if it ain’t serving up some joy, the inverted Ace of Cups can offer an improvement.

It can show exhaustion from too many feelings, sure. But it can also show freedom. There’s nothing else left to spill.

Can you relate to this?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Ace of Cups, Housewives Tarot

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