October 3

Reversed 8 of Cups: One at a Time


I started cleaning out my closets last week. It’s slow going, but I choose the meandering approach. Easier on every level.

Too much, too quickly leaves me feeling strung out, because each item I pick up has its own vibes like energetic dust. If I try to multi-task it, I start to feel overwhelmed on all levels. But one thing at a time, I can do.

“Where did I get this? Would I miss it were it gone? Does it simplify or complicate my life?” 

Environment impacts your energy and vice versa. Change one and the other shifts accordingly.

Those socks that disappoint me every time I slide them on because of the holes–why do I hang on? It’s not like they will spontaneously heal in the wash and yet I keep tossing them in just the same. “Do I foster unrealistic expectations? Do I readily let go of what is no longer working?”

Falling-apart underwear hints self-care isn’t always priority. Oops! “How consistently do I address my own needs for comfort and support?”

Mostly, I’m finding it comes down to the joy factor. “Does *this* bring me joy?”

Purges are both symbolic and literal. Done with clear intention, cleaning and purging becomes a sort of magic ritual, amplifying the energy invoked via the sorts. I want to simplify my life and feel good, so I am calling up organization, flexibility and appreciation in my sorting. You might call upon different energy, specific to your needs. It works just the same.

Next week is a prime time for more conscious and creative sorting. Purging or not, still allow plenty of space to recharge because there’s a lot of intense and potentially transformative energy out there in the wild this next week.

Next Week in Tarot

8 of cups reversed, 2 of pentacles reversed

This week, our outlook is the reversed Eight of Cups, with the reversed Two of Pentacles advising (pictured from my beloved Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot).

We cannot simply let go of our past; it’s inherently part of who we are. I’m expecting echoes of the past to reverberate in the present. As we’re gearing up for a Mercury Retrograde beginning in Scorpio ( Oct. 13 – Nov 3), expect potential “Zombie issues” to appear in plenty of time for Halloween.

We’re not required to parse and juggle all those Zombie issues, however. The reversed Two of Pentacles says, “One thing at a time.” Each consideration is best approached individually and in isolation. We’re shooting for an in-the-moment, full-attention approach to life right now.

Expect plenty of feels, but don’t attempt to micromanage mood. I’m still pushing that hearing through the heart. Love yourself exactly as you are, right here and now, without condition or asterisk. That’s the only kind of love that’s pure, after all. Let that love serve as your guiding light and you can’t go far wrong.

Be good to yourselves out there, friends.  Bonus points: That’s the first and most important step in being good to everybody else, too.

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Eight of Cups, Radiant Rider Waite, Two of Pentacles

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