July 7

07/07/12: Attachment and Spiritual Growth | Star Rev, Death


“Okay, I want to learn, progress, move forward!” This is often what we pray for. I have.

And it all sounds oh-so-warm-and-fuzzy, especially when sipping on a cappuccino, thumbing through the latest spirituality self-help masterpiece you just bought. (Yes, I definitely resemble this remark.) Think better thoughts, feel higher emotions, and boom!  Painless spiritual evolution, all for the unbelievably low price of $12.99!

“I want to be evolved, enlightened, loving and kind.” Fair enough. Those are laudable goals. Awesome plan.

“Oh yeah. I want it right NOW!” Uh oh.

Are you sure, Sparky?

Rosetta Tarot Star Death Cards

The Star (Aquarius) shows up today inverted, paired with Death (Scorpio). The cat is NOT going back into the bag, friend. So give up wishing it would; you’ll only end up scratched from such a decidedly futile exercise. Irrational hope can slow transformation. Let the Star’s optimism be for the ultimate gift of the experience, WHATEVER it is and however long it takes to see it, but NOT the form in which it appears.

Fact: the biggest lessons often do NOT arrive in pretty packages. The more profound, the more life-altering experience with the fastest and highest potential for growth, so often comes via excruciatingly grueling circumstances. It’s the stuff we thought we couldn’t survive before it happened to us that alters perspective the most powerfully.

We want to move ahead, sure! But we want it on OUR terms. We’d like veto power over any proposed alterations, thank you very much. I can’t say I’m any different in what I want. But that’s not how this “life thing” works.

What if that compassion you ask for gets delivered in the form of debilitating illness? What if building your perfect relationship means you have to let go of a dysfunctional one instead of reforming it? What if that complete life overhaul you are looking for means your current life gets utterly decimated first? The iterations are as endless as the form lessons can take.

I’m not saying not to ask for growth. I’m saying to attain it with the minimum amount of blood spilled, we have to release attachment to how WE think it should come and let the Universe provide instead. The harder you grasp on to a specific form, the more devastating it is when that form disintegrates.

What kind of faith do you have? Is it faith that IF you get what you want, you’ll see that as evidence the Source is benevolent and right? That’s not much of a leap. Or is it faith the experiences you need to become the person you’ve agreed to become will be delivered?

Be humble enough to recognize the gift of experience even if it doesn’t arrive in a party dress. I can promise you, each time you release attachment to specific outcomes in favor of looking for the gift of every experience, the process becomes faster and easier. It’s like swimming. If you struggle and fight, you’ll sink. When you relax and accept the will of the water, you can master navigating it.

What do you notice about attachment and spiritual growth?

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  1. That is the most meaningful explanation on the Death card, I have received so far.

    I moved cross country, very ambitious career plan for myself, I burnt myself out so bad that within in 3 months I left my job that I transferred to from the west coast. I was the laughing stock at work because I just couldn’t function like I used to. I’ve changed and I’m growing. I haven’t told most family and friends about it. Within a week, many opportunities for work have been offered to me but most are to relocate again. I was able to get a temporary job that is inspiring me and letting me slow down a bit. I moved out here to grow but you can’t expect it to come at you pretty. The part I am trying to figure out now, where do I go from here because I feel so new and almost numb, am i denial that things are not good from appearance because right now I’m really trying to listen to my inner voice that is changing. But that is very painful…to even make a checklist of pros and cons of what i want…I am hoping my best days have yet to come because I’m “in it” right now

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