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03/22/13: Not So Crazy! Developing Psychic Skills /Moon reversed


When you begin to dip more than a toe into the woo-woo world, I can promise that sooner or later, you’ll question your own sanity. Is this bird really talking to me? Did I just see a dead person? Does that disturbing feeling in my stomach mean more than indigestion?


Nope, not crazy. Just feels that way! That’s how I’m reading the reversed Moon today.

Now, I’m not telling you to overthink and obsess. Don’t scan every detail of your environment out of fear, worry that you are missing the magical, mystical world around you. Just be OPEN to it. Pay attention, particularly to gentle, repetitive experiences. Notice the feeling state associated with everything you do. This is your compass.

Psychic guidance (or intuitive guidance, if you’re more comfortable with that term), comes very gently, quietly. It settles into the blank spaces in your life. It requires quieting the mind, and accepting what comes through however surprising, as opposed to forcing pieces to fit into a pre-existing picture of what you expect. It takes practice to discern how your personal messages arrive. It requires learning a symbolic language. Everyday occurrences that have a little extra “kick” as you notice them often carry this extra, useful information.

One of the things that will slow down development like nobodies business is ascribing your signs to lunacy. Think of it from your spirit troupe’s point of view. If every message sent gets stamped with a big, fat “CRAZY” label, why bother? If you never listen, never learn to trust what you get, you’ll get far less.

Messages often come in gently, repeatedly, and frequently have some sort of emotional flavor attached. It’s fine to look for confirmation. That’s good, expected! You can ask for it specifically. We’re human and we need it to develop a rational faith in what we cannot see. But once we start getting confirmation, how about accepting it for the gift that it is? The more you value your psychic insight, the more valuable your psychic insight becomes.

So stop asking if you’re being crazy. Just listen.

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  1. I’m lucky to have a hubby who is good when I do wade in these waters but I know if there’s every a compentancy hearing I can count on you and visa versa hehe.

    Wise advice dear friend.

    1. Woman, I hate to tell you this, but if you’re hoping my testimony would be helpful in such circumstance, you’re kinda screwed. Are you new around here?!?

      On the other hand, I think I’d get the better end of that bargain. As long as the hearing didn’t drag on too long, we’d be in and out of there with nobody the wiser. Snort.

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