May 16

05/17/13: Careful Spellcasting / rev Knight Swords



The reversed Knight of Swords often strikes me—strikes/swords! Har!—as cautionary, to watch your mouth. Words definitely carry weight, and I’m not just talking about inadvertently cutting speech, either.

For example, if you’ve got that Virgo worry gene, how often do you fret aloud? Are you actually expecting calamity, and repeatedly verbalizing that expectation, with the accompanying emotional charge? From an energetic standpoint, that’s the equivalent of casting a spell.

Be judicious and measured with your words. That’s not to say one worry spoken aloud or an isolated incident of thoughtless speech is the equivalent of screwing yourself over. Just know what you say carries even more weight than what you think. And what you say repeatedly and with emotion carries even more weight. If you’re thinking, saying, and visualizing with emotion, you’re an energetic magnet to that particular set of circumstances.

Eliminate the preoccupation with what you don’t want to keep room for what you do!

Are you careful with your words?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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