December 8

12/08/11: Hasty Cuts? | Knight of Swords Rev, King of Swords Rev, Lovers



Today, Tarot gave us the reversed Knight of Swords (Air in Air), the King of Swords (Fire in Air), and the Lovers (Gemini).  I see this as admonition not to be too quick to cut others off—verbally, emotionally, or otherwise. Watch for unrealistic expectations, being over idealistic, or just a passing feeling of detachment from others. Don’t make cuts in haste, because you could well end a very useful, harmonious partnership that way.

Just watch the sharpness, okay? Because it’s liable to come back and bite you in the behind! Especially be careful of sarcasm or cutting words. Your mouth probably has more impact to relationships that you may realize.

You feeling the urge to cut ties?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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3-Card Spread, King of Swords, Knight of Swords, The Lovers

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  1. No, I really don’t want to cut ties. I’m trying to make connections. And usually when I want to do that I go about it all hasty and excited. Now, I’m trying to remain cool,

    Easy does it Josi, Rome was not built in a day. :chic:

  2. My tongue usually isn’t my sword – and it was nice to receive confirmation that others kn9ow that. I’ve received sweet messages from friends, and from two friends elsewhere, that made me cry nice tears.

    I’m still feeling flat, though. I do know that a friend had something nasty said to her this morning (really nasty). I’d told the other person that they would regret saying and feeling what they’d shared, but they didn’t listen. I feel sad for them both

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