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07/04/13: Over-Preaching it / King of Wands Rx


Happy Independence Day, for my US folks. Sorry I’m late. Mercury retro means missed post schedules, I guess. I had it written and slated to go, man!


On this Independence Day, I’d be inclined to read the reversed King of Wands as caution not to squelch other people’s independence! While the Tarot Wands tend to be passionate and creative, the court for this suit can tend to be a little…over-directive? That sounds so much nicer than “controlling,” don’t you think?

There’s no doubt Wands people are resourceful. Why, this Zombie fellow is managing very well adapting. But when a card appears inverted, I always look for the clogs in the line, the stoppage or block. The King of Wands can sometimes be so set on his ideas that he can overwhelm or alienate others who don’t share his depth of belief.

So if you spend the day with family and friends, be mindful of this dynamic. The fact you’re SO dead-set (if you’ll excuse the zombified pun) on your way of addressing the world may in and of itself be rather off-putting. I’d go for more of a soft sell today and give others the space for their own independence. If what you preach has found an audience, they will hear on their own. Dig?

Do you get carried away with your preaching?

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