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08/01/12: Unsettled | rev 4 Swords



I operate largely from my gut. Joy (or lack thereof) is my best compass for how I’m doing at any given moment. But sometimes, when I’m not feeling it so much, I couldn’t tell you why.

The reversed Four of Swords would suggest unrest—feeling unsettled, uncomfortable, overwhelmed or off-center. No fun!

I find the best prescription for this state is to just sit with it. Allow whatever feeling is there to just be, without judgment, without angst, without the push, push, push to fix. Just allow it. Embrace it. If you can manage, love it because it’s part of the whole of who you are, after all.

Before too long, either the source becomes clear and can be addressed, or the feeling passes on it’s own, like a bit of inclement weather. Either way, it’s not forever.

Are you feeling unsettled?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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Four of Swords, Mystic Dreamer

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