March 31

04/01/13: Manage Your Own Ass! / rev Emperor



I’m seeing this Aries-associated card coming in reversed (and blurry, evidently!) as indication the heat is getting turned down in the energetic weather at large. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still humid as Hell out there! But the control-freaking, the “voice of authority booming,” and the itching for a fight kind of vibe should be letting up.

That’s good news, right?

Of all the things we NEED to control, there’s one that’s usually last on the list but more important than the rest of the list combined: ourselves!

I don’t care much how things are usually done. What difference does that make? Nor do I care how the world “should” be. You can get all bent out of shape over “shoulds,” and all that does is waste energy while you’re wanting to bust someone’s ass instead of taking care of business.

I’m seeing some relief from the intensity out there, provided you’re not insistent upon micromanaging the world. Manage your own ass, that’s enough. Let the rest of the world figure out their own Karma.

You fighting the urge to smack-down somebody?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Aries, Radiant Rider Waite, The Emperor

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