March 8

03/09/13: Uncomfortable Idea / rev Ace of Swords



Maybe it’s the moment where you realize, your husband is bothered by how you eat. Or it’s when you know, deep down and truly, your relationship could end. Or maybe it’s when you see for the first time, your child does what you do and not what you say. The potential variations are endless.

Ugh, right?

The Ace of Swords is a powerful, pure idea; it brings the gift of illumination. Reversed, we may have a very uncomfortable illumination, or perhaps an idea you would do well to release. It could be mistaken or irrelevant, but today, I’m thinking it’s an uncomfortable idea. Swords cut—sometimes the cut is painful; sometimes it’s salvation. Sometimes, it’s both in one.

Take in whatever understanding you need, but don’t latch to it too tight, lest you get cuts. The cuts from the Tarot swords are often the result of struggling: fighting with reason, fighting with others, or fighting with ourselves. The Air Element requires a certain degree of detachment to work most effectively. You’ve got to let information freely flow, you know? You cannot become too attached to an idea, an outcome, a single way of viewing the world because it limits you. Holding on, you’re like a tethered balloon. Letting go, the sky is the limit.

Take what’s helpful from any big ideas that come your way today, and release the rest. It’s okay. You’ll get what you need from it that way.

Have uncomfortable ideas cropping up?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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Ace of Swords, Air Element, Mystic Dreamer

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  1. “Swords cut—sometimes the cut is painful; sometimes it’s salvation. Sometimes, it’s both in one”. This is abolutely true and exatly what’s been going on. An AHA moment turned into a “omg is that how his brain works and how he sees me – DAMN!” Insightful, then realizing the reflection, but grateful for the insight.

    This is beautiful Dixie!

    1. That’s not really a question I could answer specifically outside the context of a reading, M. In general, however, if I pulled a reversed Ace of Swords when asking about a course of action, I’d delay. Good chance some key info is missing. If you’re too close to the situation to effectively read for yourself, hire someone.

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