April 22

04/23/13: Measure Twice / rev Ace Swords


Measure twice, cut once. –Voice of Experience, aka Somebody who Screwed Something Up!


That big idea? The Ace of Swords suggest it’s not sound as-is. Look for holes, loose ends, details not tied up. Maybe it’s your idea, maybe it’s somebody else’s idea, maybe it’s a move by you or against you. I don’t know which, but I’m thinking the “big idea of the day” doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny, there is a fatal flaw as it stands. Use this as a heads up for closer examination.

Are you aware of a big idea or plan that needs closer examination?

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Ace of Swords, Gilded Tarot

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  1. I’m hoping this refers to THEIR plan and not our. Then of course we didn’t really have a “plan” in the first place.

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