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05/18/12: Emotional Burnout | Reversed Ace of Cups


ace of cups reversed

I used to work at detox. I always wish I would have taken notes during that time; the stories you came across there were unreal! But even with all the potential book deals, after a couple of years I not only quit working detox, but left counseling entirely.

It wasn’t accidental. The grind of dealing with that particular population was burning me out. I found myself frequently angry and cynical. It began leaking over into the rest of my life. I was afraid if I didn’t move on, my sense of compassion was going to be permanently damaged. That situation typifies the energy of the reversed Ace of Cups.

The Ace of Cups is the root essence of Water—the seed of any emotional energy. I often see it inverted when a person is emotionally disconnected, drained, or shutting down feelings for some reason. This is seldom pleasant, although at times, helpful. The trick is not forgetting to set that cup back upright when the need for it is done.

When in crisis, we may need to shut down a lot of emotional flow in order to function. Disconnection from feelings may help from becoming overwhelmed. The problem is, shutting down emotionally can also become one’s normal state of being.

Feelings are there for a reason: they are the best compass we have to direct toward the flow, staying in tune, living a life full of love. Without ready access to emotional feedback, it’s very hard to receive and react to divine guidance.

If you feel emotionally disconnected, drained, exhausted, pay attention. How long has it been going on? Are there people who precipitate the feelings? Is there a situation, a circumstance, that’s taking too much toll? Make changes with this in mind to get that cup back upright.

Are you feeling the reversed Ace of Cups?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Ace of Cups, Legacy of the Divine

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  1. Dixie- I really enjoy your daily posts that I receive by e-mail! I am so impressed by the way that you pour your heart and soul into your work and this website. I would love to be able to do that too one day. For the time being, I have a career that requires a lot of my time and energy. Thankfully I still enjoy my current career very much. I hope that you have a wonderful day and I wish you all the best. Thanks again from, ntm

  2. Of course you already know how much this applies to me… hopefully the changes I’m about to make will help get the cup in an upright position again.

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