March 19

03/20/13: Delayed Education / rev 9 of Pentacles


The Lenormand oracle has been all the rage in Tarot circles quite a while now, catching on like wildfire. From my understanding, it’s a very blunt deck of 36 cards, known for it’s accuracy and it’s namesake, Marie Anne Lenormand, card reader to Josephine and Napoleon. But I don’t have much info firsthand yet.


Because I’ve been avoiding it, not due any issue with the deck itself. Just because it’s ONE MORE THING on my never-ending list of stuff to learn.


The reversed Nine of Pentacles shows a woman of refinement and learning…turned upside down! This card often refers to education. She holds the falcon, a symbol of animal nature, obviously tamed and trained to sit on her glove. Although it’s difficult to see in this picture, there is a snail on the ground. Seeing him and the state of her garden, I know it took time and dedication to get where she is now. The background is lush, and she’s a woman of wealth. So her investments in taming her own perhaps unruly nature, honing her focus and learning her lessons, have paid off well.

But reversed, there’s generally a hitch, something keeping this energy from expressing full force. Are you opening yourself up to opportunities to learn? Or are you letting laziness or lack of focus get in your way? (Hey, no looking at me!)

This card is associated with Venus in Virgo—there’s beauty (Venus) in those details (Virgo)! Knowledge, order and understanding are very productive and practical.

A focused, systematic approach to education, be it formal or informal, pays big dividends. So quit avoiding it and dive in! (Yes, I’ve ordered a Lenormand deck.)

You been putting off study?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
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Nine of Pentacles, Radiant Rider Waite, Venus in Virgo

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  1. Yep, I’ve been putting it off for a year now. =/
    But no more, it’s time to dive in.
    As for the Lenormand cards: they’re really popular here in Europe. I learned them before reading Tarot and they’re very accurate!! You’ll love them!

  2. “her investments in taming her own perhaps unruly nature, honing her focus and learning her lessons, have paid off well.” I’ve spent so much time learning “things” to help me understand, to label – very Virgo ya know. I have Venus & Pluto conjunct in my Virgo 12th house, we looove to dig. Unfortunately too much studying & trying to understand helped me avoid doing; however, my investment is really starting to pay off.

    Yesterday the universe intervened via e-mail & prompted me to start working on LONG overdue items on my to-do list. The first item was HUGE & done in no time & didn’t cost a penny to do. This will continue today.

    Love her garden, I’ve been working in mine. Yesterday my son had a discussion about a “percheron falcon”, I explained it’s a peregrine falcon, percheron is a large horse. Of course he argued but I do know my birds

  3. Haha! Tracie, I totally love the visual of a Percheron falcon… kinda like the Sadge half horse half man…. but this would be half horse half falcon (cusp of Scorpio and Sadge?)

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