March 6

03/07/13: Pretty Damned Good / rev 9 of Cups



I always welcome the Nine of Cups, even reversed. Here, you’re getting most of your wish! Perhaps it’s not exactly how you envisioned, or perhaps it didn’t arrive how you planned. Perhaps there’s little detail or two about the whole thing that is unpleasant, although such may actually be part of a bigger picture you’re not quite privy to yet.

But since the essence is indeed intact, I’m wondering, “Why not be happy with what you got?” Because it’s almost, if not quite, perfect, at least for right now.

Rather than focus exclusively on the 2 things wrong, put your energy on the 98 that are right. Dismiss the remaining two and work on getting this card upright, okay? Because I am suspecting that the dissatisfaction is a function of how you’re looking at the scene as opposed to the scene itself.

Maybe everything isn’t quite perfect. But all things considered, it’s still pretty damned good.

Are you pretty damned good?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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Jupiter in Pisces, Nine of Cups, Shadowscapes

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  1. Very nice.

    I was working on gratitude this morning, telling myself to notice the blessings all around.

    Dixie is included in the list…

  2. Wow. Perrty damn good alright! A totally out-of-the-blue gift of much needed funds arrived today. I cried non-stop for a good half hour. The tears were about much more than the money itself. Actually, the tears weren’t about the money at all, but about ‘hope restored’, and about the gesture itself.

  3. Since upright it is the “wish card.” What about if 9 of Cups is reversed in relation to someone’s feelings toward someone?

  4. Thank you, Dixie. I’m moving back to the west coast to LA from living on the east and the Midwest. I think my new job will be more demanding but I’m still excited by it . It’s a higher cost of living which I’m not that excited by and I lose my joy when I think about it .so I’m trying to stay positive and happy that I did get my wish. I saw the same sentiment sort of come up with the sun card In a weak position too.
    Thank you.

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