February 12

02/13/13: Priority, Surrender / rev 8 of Pentacles



The Eight of Pentacles often shows up when someone needs to work through something—perfect a process, as it were. Traditionally, it often speaks to craftsmanship, careful attention to detail, and simply hammering through the tasks at hand.

Reversed, I’m thinking of it like bread dough: don’t overwork it, or it’s just going to make dinner unnecessarily tough!

We got the Princess of Cups yesterday. It’s emotional, it’s flowing and tidal right now. I liked Bal’s simplification of the faith concept: surrender. That’s a reasonable working definition, if you ask me.

Don’t overwork what you’ve got before you now. Sure, notice the details. Sure, do what you need to do. I’ll never tell you otherwise. But don’t stress over the details. (This is a sun in Virgo card, folks! You may have work at not over-working it. Har!)

But still…don’t overwork it. Just take it all in and observer the tide as it continues flowing.

Are you feeling this?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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Cosmic Tarot, Eight of Pentacles, Virgo

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  1. I’ve got room on my raft if anyone wants a break from treading water Just be careful not to let your little umbrella fall out of your drink and puncture the floaty thing.

  2. “Don’t overwork it”! Reading your daily tarot is one of the first things I do while drinking my coffee, around 6:30 am. but this morning I woke up with a thought to check on a stone egg I found this weekend. When I found out what it was I connected it to a stone someone gave me last year then BAM I started working it. Overworking the Google man. Ooohhh what does this mean etc?!?!?!? It’s 9:25 & I’m just now reading this when I should’ve read this FIRST-HAHAHA!! I was Temperance last week & it felt nice yet here I am again digging to connect the dots.

    Upright 8 of Pentacles is “working on your craft” yet reversed it’s stalled. I STALLED IT! I need to let it flow & allow things to unfold & show themselves. I’ve learned to let go & I need to continue this practice.

    Am I feeling this? Unfortunately yes. After reading your tarot today I’m going back to the flow. Thanks hon for putting me back on track!!!!!!

  3. Man, I love you guys! Josi, Tracie, Dixie! Love you ladies! I love how everybody’s contributions pile up and add up and shore everybody up! High fives all around!! ^5 ^5 ^5 !!! (finger on umbrella, jumps on josi’s raft!)

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