May 31

Reversed 7 of Pentacles: Transitory


Everybody I talk to of late is neck-deep in the middle of some kind of transition. Eclipse much?

Me, too.

And boy, I’ve got all the feels about it. I mean, it’s not bad–much less traumatic than some have it right now, for sure. But it is significant to me and do I expect the process to change me.

Big transitions always do. The question isn’t whether or not you’ll be changed, but the “how” part. Fortunately, we have a say in that.¬†Next week is a good time for us to practice exercising this say.

Next Week in Tarot

These cards are from my well-loved Radiant Rider Waite mini deck. It’s my workhorse, as anyone can plainly see–even in this poorly lit snapshot. I’ve gotta pull some of my other decks out for these weeklies…

Outlook is the Seven of Pentacles reversed. Advice arrives in the personage of the Empress.

What we’re seeing now is not directly reflective of where we’re going. “Flux” is all over the place and quite frankly, it’s messy.

Metamorphosis always is messy. It just is. Often exciting and scary and guilt-provoking and hopeful and anxious and, and, and…you hear what I’m saying.¬† We’ve got feelings coming out the wazoo and we don’t know how to file them all. (Or is it just us Mercury-flavored folk who feel that need, to file it all?)

What matters isn’t the feeling of the moment, whatever’s loudest. You’ve got to remember, that’s all short-term, transitory. The fastest way out of anything–especially anything you’re not enjoying–is through.

That’s where the self-care skills of the Empress come in handy. She is kind, creative and loving to all. She understands that “all” starts in the mirror, every single time.

Let yourself feel what you feel and don’t try to wiggle out of the sticky parts. Don’t fight it. Telling yourself you don’t really feel how you really feel doesn’t fool anybody. Frankly, it doesn’t make any difference at all how you feel: just love yourself, anyway.

That’s how you process those big, sticky feels, if you’ve got some: just let them flow, love yourself anyway, and let that energy get transmuted in the process. It’s sort of like your superhero origin story. You go in with your quest and come out with more power. It’s a leveling up.

Except unlike many origin stories, this isn’t power you’re handed. It’s power earned.

Are you feeling this? How can you take care of yourself in the process?

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Radiant Rider Waite, Seven of Pentacles, The Empress

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