November 12

Rev. 4 of Pentacles: Moving the Mark


I have a love/hate relationship with planners.

On the one hand, I’m very, very Virgo. Planning, categorizing and sorting come as naturally to me as breathing. Not to mention that Mercurian love of office supplies gets a little action with planners. Colored pens are the absolute bomb!

On the other hand, I’m very, very Virgo. Perfectionism is a real thing for us. Once I get cranking, my to-do lists spiral from manageable to epic in a matter of minutes. What begins as a quest for control can transform to an absolutely impossible stockpile of demands on myself–enough to prompt any sane person to go hide under the covers and give up. Inevitably unable to keep up, I usually end up abandoning the process, feeling like I’ve failed.

I’m working on a more Zen approach to this planning thing, though. It’s in part by necessity. I’ve got big enough circumstances that attempting a running account of what’s necessary in my head just won’t cut it anymore. The effort leaves me overwhelmed and anxious. So I’m revisiting the planner option as I work my way through this patch.

I got myself a reusable Panda planner. It’s readily erasable and that makes more of a difference than you’d guess. Because those times I miss the mark? I just move the mark!

Note to self: “Moving the mark” is a viable life strategy.

I suspect next week will feature some “moving of the mark” for most of us.

Next Week in Tarot

Four of Pentacles rx, Page of Cups Rx
Tarot Cards on my planner.

This week, reversed Four of Pentacles provides the outlook with a reversed Page of Cups for the advice. Cards pictured from the richly illustrated Gilded Tarot deck.

Oy. The world feels anything but stable. Please note: I’m not saying the sky is falling! I’m saying people won’t be sure if the sky is fixing to fall or not. There is a big difference between disaster and fear of disaster. I’m predicting the latter here.

The reversed Four of Pentacles can signal anxiety, financial stress, and overall uncertainty about being able to maintain whatever needs to be maintained. The keyword is “instability.” We’ll be questioning the integrity of those systems, structures and circumstances we depend upon for support. While this may not feel super peachy keen, it can be an enlightening and extremely valuable process nonetheless.

This reversed Page is all about the mood swings. Positioned as advice, it suggests we listen to emotional rumbles instead of attempting to squelch anything less-than-pleasant. Acknowledge the feelings and love yourself anyway. Don’t try to argue yourself out of how you feel, whether it seems “rational” or not. Emotions are an incredible asset, providing keen guidance if we are patient enough to hear what they have to say.

The side benefit of honoring moods real time here is that it offers relief, often swiftly. If you allow feelings to flow freely and without self-reprimand, you are often gifted insight as to what issues you’ve been avoiding. You learn about sensitivities and concerns that may have been swept out of view the day-to-day hustle. The opportunity to move that mark presents itself with this knowledge.

In such a context, we might “move the mark” by adjusting a perspective, having a conversation, changing a schedule or otherwise adapting our world to become a little more comfortable. It allows us to alter plans and find alternative approaches to get what’s needed to foster greater security and contentment. That’s what I’ve been working on for myself and I can tell you without hesitation, it helps a lot.

Are you feeling the shifts underway? Any mark-moving in your world?

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Four of Pentacles, Gilded Tarot, Page of Cups

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