April 29

04/30/13: Checklist for Chores / rev 3 Wands



While the Three of Wands lets us know that all is ready and we’re prepared for rewards of a job well done, reversed it sounds a note of caution. Our happy housewife has worked hard and accomplished plenty, but she isn’t quite ready for the big dinner party. Some task essential for her success remains undone.

Take a survey of your chores for the big event and run it by a checklist to make sure everything is covered. You won’t impress your company if you’ve forgotten to put your roast in the oven on time.

Are you getting ready for a big event? Are you prepared?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Housewives Tarot, Three of Wands

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  1. Gonna take this literally again, because it works on so many levels, and I lunged for my clipboard with lists.

    Ya, have a really big event coming up. Big.

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