May 20

05/21/13: Love Lost / rev 2 of Cups



The reversed Two of Cups makes me wonder…is it time to break up? Not so much literally, although it could be for you! I don’t know.

More like something is not working here, in this relationship we’re looking at. Somebody is giving more than the other, someone is going through the motions without meaning it. There is a hollowness, an emptiness, a lack of real and true investment from one or both of the parties.

This union has not been completely dissolved or the card wouldn’t be showing up to begin with. Some sense of connection remains, but there’s a likelihood, the heart isn’t really in it. It may not have changed on paper but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed in reality.

Don’t go by what you want to see or what used to be, what you assumed always would be. Instead, listen not with your ears, but with your heart! If you are not feeling the love, it’s not because you’re overtired or emotionally spent. It’s because something the love has waned. Decide based on that, how you want to proceed (or not).

Here’s hoping you aren’t feeling this!! (Are you?)

Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
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Gilded Tarot, Two of Cups

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  1. Funny, today I did my daily reading and when I went to pick out a 2nd card, three cards got stuck to my fingers. One if them was The Lovers upright. The other 2 were the queens of swords & of coins. The first had been Strength reversed. I was happy to see The Lovers since I’ve had a few psychological breakthroughs about relationships in the past week. Mostly related to fears about love stemming from past betrayals & heartbreaks.

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