May 16

05/16/12: Back in Whack! | Rev 2 Coins, Justice



When you’re out of whack, overwhelmed with responsibility or feeling weighed down, it’s helpful to break things down and weigh them out.

Damit, Tarot. You’re looking right at me again, ain’t ya?

We’ve got the reversed Two of Pentacles/Coins (Jupiter in Capricorn ) and Justice (Libra)—hey, looky-here…we have two Tarot two’s. Try saying that three times fast. Bonus points if you can after you’ve kicked back a couple White Russians.

Where are you out of whack, and how can you bring it back in line? Stay aware of the demands you place upon yourself. It’s both a right and a responsibility to carefully weigh what you take on and make sure your energy is being directed effectively.

Your energy can’t all be spent on other people’s needs. Likewise, it can’t all be spent on your own. There may be times, when the scales tip a little one way or another, as circumstances require. But an evenly-balanced yoke will stabilize eventually, equal out.  Tarot twos are all about polarities. My needs versus yours. Your wants versus mine. The inside versus the outside.

It’s fine and well to offer support and love to those who need it. But if we juggle their coins, take responsibility for their lives,the scale of Justice tilts, for both parties. The more we carry, the harder it tilts. If it’s enough, we can become chronically worn down because we’ve not been attending to our own business.

Or if we’re on the other side of the coin and allowing our choices to be carried by others, is it time to take some back? Take a step back and weight it out. Think in terms of free will and greatest good. What can you feel good about? What can you do while feeling love? You won’t go far wrong that way.

Do you feel comfortable with the distribution of coins in your life?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Justice, Legacy of the Divine, Tarot Twos, Two of Pentacles

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