June 17

06/18/13: Comings and Goings / rev 10 Pentacles



The Ten of Pentacles is a card of abundance. In the Gaian Tarot, that abundance is expressed in terms of nature. The “nurse stump” provides for the life that is becoming—a fitting metaphor for one of the Tarot tens, including both endings and the beginnings that come about.

Reversed though, that natural cycle isn’t free-flowing. There could be tendency to fight the natural processes of endings and beginnings. Know what is going out of your life as well as what is coming into your life. There is value in each, if allowed to serve it’s proper purpose.

Do you have comings and goings?

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Gaian Tarot, Ten of Pentacles

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  1. Hi Dixie

    so right on once again – with both – your random affirmation and your daily Tarot card.
    The weather has been nice here for the last couple of days. So, I really wanted to be able to catch some of that sunshine and thus went on a walk through the woods after work. Bad idea! The seasonal growth (the nurse stump) has progressed to a point where it has become tough to keep up with the ‘gardening’ after all this rain and the area around the river was just teeming with insects, which were trying to land in my eyes. So, I had to protect my eyes and therefore couldn’t look left or right, missing out on all the beauty and abundance I otherwise so much enjoy. On top of that, I’m allergic to some plant in that area. Duh

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