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11/06/13: Retreat and Relax / 5 of Swords


5 of Swords

Well, we’re still in schizophrenic forecast land, huh? The Five of Swords shows up as “Conflict and Defeat.” Whenever I pull this version, I like to focus on the candle at the bottom of the stairs. He’s on his way to regroup and make sense of it all, in which case he can decide how to proceed.

Funny, I don’t remember the images on the wall he leans against. Not sure what to make of them, but they strike me as being like the expectations going in to the battle, especially since they become less defined toward the top of the stairs. Things are so seldom just as we anticipate going in.

If you follow astrology, you already know the next month or so is intense overall, with little breaks of sunshine between the storms. We can like it or not, but there isn’t much choice but to deal with it as it comes.

So if you’re feeling bloodied up, retreat back into your safety zone for some good food, a hot bath and a good night’s sleep. Nurse those wounds and allow yourself time to recover.

Tomorrow looks to be better.

Are you taking a retreat?

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Five of Swords, Psychic Tarot Oracle

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  1. Right on time. I’m flying to the Yucatan peninsula this weekend. A week in the beach and the Mayan ruins sounds pretty much like retreat and relax.

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