September 20

09/20/11: The Lesson from Repeating Lessons


“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.” –Wayne Dyer


Two steps forward, one step back… Every single major change I’ve made in my life has moved long those lines, and what I’ve observed tells me that’s fairly consistent. We want to book out an afternoon, deal with our “issues,” and check it off our list like so much laundry that’s been washed and dried and folded neatly in a stack. When life doesn’t work that way, we get frustrated, self-critical, and dejected. For what?

Just because you declare yourself “done” doesn’t mean the issue won’t revisit. That’s not only normal, but frankly necessary for fully integrating lessons. Fine-tuning, crossing your t’s and dotting your I’s, you’re reaching a higher level of mastery with each new challenge. And with each new challenge, you’re perfecting your performance.

Yes, Pluto recently went direct. Opportunity to flush out some of the muck that has been weighing us down. But even so, transformation isn’t completely in a clean, straight line. It takes dedication, perseverance and resolve to grow. You’re becoming a different person, and it’s only over time that new skin really starts to fit.

So when you see old issues revisit in a more subtle form, don’t despair. That’s indication you’ve mastered the basic level and are ready to step up your growth. It’s not a failure, but indication of success. Keep working it!

Do you see this pattern in transformations?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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Death, Shadowscapes

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  1. Oh yeah! I’ve seen some of the same “stuff” popping up lately. But I’m glad to say that now I usually see the hole before I fall into it, and I can walk around or walk away!

  2. It’s funny. Sometimes just giving ourselves permission to see repeating issues as something other than failure is incredibly freeing. At least, it sure is to me!

  3. I saw things that way at first, last December, when I was dealing with something that just had me feeling hopeless, as in, “Is this always going to happen to me, just when I’m feeling good about something?” On the same day that the worst of it went down, I was feeling okay, and exhausted, but calm at the end of it – and had received two apologies, and told them that it was okay, and that I understood the way things can happen. I was good, I was me! I was just relieved… but then I kept getting agitated, as it came back to me, and I didn’t know who put me in that position to cover for themselves. I knew it was stupid, and that I should be able to let it go, that karma would catch up to them – as my good karma had caught up to me, in the support i received at the time. But something inside me had had enough. I’m guessing Pluto in the 3rd, square my 11th house Pluto. it’s a tough energy to control, and it rules my chart.

  4. What a powerful post Dixie! It really is answering some very long-standing questions I’ve been going round and round about in my head. I’ve heard this basic concept before, but for some reason, the way you’ve presented it is so much easier to swallow. Dare I say, it even feels “safe”. Thank you!

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